Monday, May 3, 2010

Construction of the Judy Olin Guest house is well on course. We are keeping a close eye on the time-line of completing and dedicating the first two units by mid May, 2010.

Plastering internal and external walls is ongoing. Mr. Gbarr, masonry contractor says plastering will be completed this week-end because he is only left with the external walls of both units. Interior walls of both units have been completed. Windows and door frames have been installed. Doors, jealeusy window sets complete with louvers and breaker bars will be installed on the first unit early next week. The electricians have commenced the final phase of electrification and hopefully will complete by the week-end. Running of water pipes in the building has also been completed. Laying of tiles will be the next and final phase of the masonry contract. First phase of painting (whitewashing) could begin next week.

Balance funds in account up to date are USD $5,066. Provision for floor tiles was inadvertently omitted. We however had to renegotiate (cut back) all labor contracts in order to save funds for tiles. We were successful at doing this. We have funds available for tiles.

Do keep us in prayer. Yours in Mission, Paul J. Glaydor, Sr. Mission Station Superintendent and Principal

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