Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Remaining Optimistic

We accomplish much though the process can be cumbersome. The days have been more frustrating at times than joyful. We keep trying to remain optimistic. The leadership at the mission is a blessing to work with. Paul Glaydor and Boyd Davies are moving this mission forward with great vision and practical ideas. We are grateful to be here with them at this time. Merry Christmas from the Camphor Mission. There is a hope here. Here are some of the reasons we are here.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

A Good Day at Camphor Mission

It started while we were having breakfast and we noticed about 300 people digging and carrying dirt to backfill the missionary guest house construction. We are hosting the UMC district conference at the Camphor Mission. Over five hundred people have been challenged all week to participate and volunteer on the construction site. They came in mass. The men and women challenged each other who could fill a space first, the women won! They plan to come tomorrow morning to finish the backfilling. A huge blessing! The staff of teachers have been working all week to dig the septic. Another huge task, 8 feet deep and 15 x 15 feet wide with big rocks in the way. They are determined to finish it by Saturday when we burn a tire to make the rock brittle enough to break. TIA: This is Africa! This is the same staff who has not been paid since August, and they come in on their days off to volunteer.

The agriculture department is busy at work planting a student garden for feeding and selling. This is a photo of the nursery start and seedlings. Peppers, pineapples, and bitterballs will be the first things planted.

Kathy has been busy leading the bible study at the District Conference. A three day study on Jeremiah 23:1-6. "There is a hope" is the theme.

Danny has gotten out of the rock and sand procuring business and is busy with medicine again. But he is starting a brick making factory next week! The day ended with Danny doing true Emergency Medicine. A 17 year old unresponsive girl was brought in a bush ambulance (a rug tied under two large poles, like a hammock carried by family). After IV fluids, aspirin, and quinine she awoke and looks like she will survive the night.

Everything is so hard here. We are blessed to have one another, the prayers and support of our family and friends at home, and the optimism of the people here. There really is a hope.

Stay tuned for Lifewater and borehole updates!

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Images and Video from Camphor

Pieces of Camphor Mission...