Sunday, March 11, 2012

Look what God has done through people!

Who? East Ohio UMVIMers
When? January-March 2012
Where? Camphor Mission Station in Liberia
Why and How? These tasks of ministry were completed in partnership with Liberians and the western partners.

Tasks completed and relationships built through the glory of God!

10 water wells dug in surrounding villages, Joshua and the Geneva Rotary, Jordan's Wishing Wells, Seville UMC, Wooster UMC, Green Valley UMC
Guesthouse roofed, windows, doors, electrical, ceiling tile, carpenters, plaster job with Mr. Gbaa, Nelson, Adelphus and Solo
Cement block making with Mr. Gbaa
2 months of salary paid with Obediah
Hung solar on the guesthouse roof for recharging without the generator! Thanks Emmanuel!
Girl's Dorm completely tiled along with Matron's rooms with the help of Solo and many students
Boy's Dorm exterior painted and 3 picnic tables built for porch and study area with Alvin Joe and other students
Both dorms new mattresses and mosquito nets hung, with the girls and thanks UMVIM Volunteers, Macedonia UMC and Jan Reynolds
Map Mural Project completed with 10 students and AB Roberts
45 bags of rice for staff with Obediah thanks UMVIM Volunteers!
Village visits in places where water wells were dug being led by Aaron and other students
Girl's Dorm toiletry and pillowcase dress distribution, thanks to Faith UMC with help from Evelyn, the new Matron
Boy's Dorm soap and washcloths, Faith UMC with help from Dean of Boys, Paul Dean
Women staff, sanitary toiletry distribution
Ash Wednesday Worship introduced to Camphor Mission with Rev. Kulah
Super Bowl Event, track and field, kickball and soccer games with Coach Toe
Re-secured and hung basketball nets with Adid and other students in the boy's dorm
Library Training with Mary and Kevin
Cooking lessons, donuts, palm butter, greens with Irene and Success
Solar Suitcase Hung in clinic thanks to Hope Ridge UMC, Emmanuel, Meleiah and Mary
Traditional Birth Attendant workshop thanks to Mary, Victoria, and Trinity UMC Denver, Colorado
Midwives on the mission
Exercise with Coach Toe
Hunting with the sling shot thanks boys
Devotions at the Liberia Conference Office
Dinner with the Bishop and his family
Sharing the movie Pray the Devil Back to Hell
Played with children
Puzzles on the porch
Basket weaving
Shopping in the market with Irene and Cecelia
African clothes made with Irene
Bicycle repair
Zentangle art lessons
Volleyball net hung
Attended Liberia Annual Conference
Devotions with the Girl's Dorm
Teacher training
Tutoring students
Banner making with Garfield Church and school classes
Knitting doll lessons
Visiting the beach in Buchanan
Touring Monrovia
Visiting West Point
Preaching in the villages and in Monrovia
Visits to Harrisburg and the Farmer to Farmer project
Visit to White Plains Retreat Center

Learn more from a speaker at your church, small group, compass group, or plan to be a part of the next 2013 UMVIM trips to Camphor Mission. There are many volunteers who are eager to share the story about their time at Camphor Mission. Contact me for names and contact information.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

10 NEW Hand Dug Water Wells

During this year's dry season, January-mid March 2012 East Ohio was able to put in 10 new hand dug wells! Clean water will save lives and bring hope to these villages. Thank you Jack Hopkins and Geneva Rotary, Jordans Wishing Wells, Seville UMC, Wooster UMC, and Green Valley UMC. Praise God for Trinity UMC in Denver Colorado who will be meeting the needs of water, latrines, and mosquito nets for all of the other villages in the Camphor Clinic catchment area. If you are interested in learning more about the goals of Trinity UMC and this project contact Bob Gibb at Trinity United Methodist Church Phone (303) 839-1493

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Reflections from Linsdey "Sada" Brown

For the first half of 2011, I had the joy of living life with the kids and staff of Camphor Mission. Since my return home, I have continued to feel the Lord tug on my heart and connect me with the people of Camphor Mission. He has given me the opportunity to be involved with the mission and respond to some of the needs I was able to witness during the time I spent there. Specifically, I have felt the desire to tell the Camphor story to people stateside and advocate for the nutritional needs of the students there. I have been beyond blessed with opportunities to speak of the Ten80 Project ( and witness His provision for the Camphor Mission students. Just recently though, I was reminded that God doesn’t need feeding campaigns or big projects to use as an avenue to provide for His children. He simply needs broken people who have experienced His love to proclaim His goodness…

Last week, my birthday rolled around for the 25th time. Historically, I’m not a fan of birthdays. I don’t like being the center of attention, I get awkward when everything is all about me, etc. so when my friends wanted to have a birthday party for me, I was a bit hesitant. My uneasiness heightened when one of the girls brought a birthday card to me with the biggest grin on her face and said, “We want you to open this now.” After a few minutes of pleading against having to stand in front of friends and read a birthday note out loud to everyone, I finally gave in. Little did I know, I was about to open the best birthday present I have ever received.

I read the sweet note written in the card, flipped over what looked like a check, and started crying in disbelief that a group of nine young women in their 20’s could have enough “spare change” to make a $1400 donation to Camphor Mission and the Ten 80 Project. What a blessing it is that the Lord has put Camphor Mission on my heart so heavily, and flowing out of my mouth so frequently, that people in my life know that no gift could compare to a contribution to my Liberian family.

What an honor it is to know that my birthday brought glory not to me, but to the One who created me. What joy and peace it brings to know that the gift I received on my 25th birthday won’t get lost in the back of my closet or become outdated in a matter of months, but will last into eternity as His children in Liberia are able to experience the consistency of His faithfulness through their dietary needs being met. What a blessing to be loved by a God who provides, even by me simply showing up at my own party!!!

Give a gift that will last today; Support Camphor Mission through salary support, staff housing renovations, or the Ten 80 Project!