Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Camphor Mission Station Poultry Project

Look and see how the IGRC is partnering with the Agriculture Department at Camphor Mission!  Praise God for the good work everyone is doing!
Youtube Camphor Poultry

Thursday, November 22, 2012

My Daughter's Place

Frido is a Congolese UMC Missionary serving in Liberia.  He is working in Monrovia, Buchanan, at Camphor Mission Station and in other areas throughout Liberia.  He is doing dynamic ministries with the people of Liberia; vocational training, teaching skills for small cottage industry, faith, Christian leadership, and more.  He has recently re-started his work at Camphor Mission Station called My Daughter's Place. Go to the link to learn more about this ministry.  Frido Kinkolenge

3rd Unit of the Judy Olin Guesthouse

Praise God for the leadership at the Camphor Mission Station.  We are grateful for the news of painting happening at the guesthouse.  We will need the beds and gathering space as East Ohio is sending many teams of servants to Camphor Mission in 2013.  In 2009, East Ohio began construction on a 3 unit UMVIM Guesthouse in memory of Rev. Dr. Judy Olin.  The project is almost completed.  As this project is completed and more and more relationships are established between brothers and sisters at Camphor and East Ohio, we will begin together to rehabilitate the existing staff housing on the mission.  Here are some photos to help tell the story.

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Leymah Gbowee

Mary and Jan meet Leymah Gbowee at a UMC Peace with Justice event!  Hoping that they talked her into coming to Camphor Mission to work with the students there!

At the 2012 Peace Conference at Lake Junaluska, NC there were many interesting and thought-provoking speakers and workshop leaders.  My reason for attending, though, was because Leymah Gbowe was the featured speaker for Saturday evening of the weekend conference.  I had built up the importance of her appearance in my mind and was so excited when Saturday evening finally came that it could have easily been a disappointment and not lived up to my expectations.  Even after we were told she had been awake a full 24 hours because of travelling from West Africa, and her tired eyes and voice gave her weariness away, Leymah's talk was in no way a disappointment.  Her story of leading and working alongside Liberian women to end the atrocities and terror of Charles Taylor and 15 other factions raised in the upheaval, all warring with each other, was compelling and inspiring.  The theme of her talk was that most notorious leaders of evil and goodness, such as Mandella and Hitler alike, share anger.  Using a cup of water as an analogy that anger is like liquid that can be poured into different containers, containers of either hatred or peace, she told many stories of how the women she stood with in the peaceful movement to change Liberia poured their anger into containers of peace.  One woman while hand-feeding a soldier was asked by that man if her daughter had been killed, and when she answered yes he admitted the killer was himself.  The woman kept feeding him in the spirit of forgiveness because that was what their movement to end war and terror was about.  Yes, Leymah Gbowe made a difference in Liberia, Africa and now all over the world with her message of pouring your anger into a container of peace.

Friday, July 27, 2012

Thank you from Rev. Albert Barchue, Liberia Annual Conference UMC District Superintendent

To all our brothers and sistes in the Lord,
We greet each and every onen of you in the precious name of our Lord and Savior, Jesus.
As some of you may be aware, today is commonly referred to here in Liberia as "26 Day."  This is how July 26th, which is the Independence Day of our dear country is commonly referred to. 
In short, today we as Liberians are celebrating our 165th Independence Anniversary, as Africa's oldest independent repuplic.  As I sit composing this mail, my heart is full  of joy and praise to God who is restoring our nation once more.  I see from where I sit the little children in their new suits, as it is the custom here for Christmas and our Independence Day.  The kids are all smiling, laughing, and walking freely; visiting relatives and friends. 
Right now, I have about fifteen of these kids sitting on on the chairs and some on the the floor, in our living room and they are being led by my son Elijah, who is showing them and playing with some of them, his newly found joy, a PS 3 game (Playstation) which was sent him by one of our dear friends and brothers  in the States.
Most of these kids are children who are scholarship students who have being provided the invaluable assert of education through the assistance of many of you.
Today, we as a nation we could not be celebrating without God first, and then all of you.  I say this. because in one way or the other, each of you have played some role to bring us where we are, and once more put smiles on the faces of all of us Liberians, especially our children. Nearly all of you have prayed for us; some of you have come here, on mission trips; some of you have helped schools, churches, provided safe drinking water for us and our people, many of you are making eduation available for many of our kids, some of you have opened your comfortable homes to us to provide us lodging and meals that enabled in order to make our itineration to enable folks hear some of our stories to which many have responded,and many of you continue to pray for us even today. Indeed, God, through all of you, is restoring the years that the locusts had eaten
As we celebrate, we cannot do so with thanking God and also thanking each of you for standing with us in our efforts to restore our dear nation, Liberia. Therefore, we want to thank God first, and then thank each and everyone of you for helping to bring us here we
 are through our wonderful partnership.  We say in the typical Liberian way "Thank You Plenty."
Before I close, let me also share with you, espeically those of you who have been here, that three two days ago, the President Madam Sirleaf, switched on the first three post war "Traffic Lights" on the Bushod Island.  This is somethng that all kids and even young men and young women have never seen in Liberia.  She also among many other projects, dedicated a "Children Play Ground, something is almost completely absent in our society. In her dedication remarks, one thing she said that I picked up is that the dedications of the traffic lights is a signal that Liberia is now moving towards a modern state in Africa.
Many many thank to all of you for what you are doing here which is making a tremendious impact in the lives of not only United Methodists, but all Liberians.
Thanks and God bless.
Grace and peace,
Your dear brother in Christ,
Albert Barchue

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Brittany's visit to our Camphor Friends

 Brittany at Camphor Mission.

The 3rd Unit of the Judy Olin Guesthouse.
Brittany outside the guesthouse.

 Jessie Erickson
Annie Jo!!!!

Brittany and Success

Success, Brittany and Rev. Zack Erickson

Little Nimely and Agatha

Brittany Corrigan's Visit to Liberia

Brittany, now a medical student, just traveled to Ganta Hospital in Liberia for almost 3 weeks with a quick trip to check on our friends at Camphor Mission.  She will share stories soon and here are some of the photos!

The building is the new condos across from the UMC Guesthouse Compound!  The school is the UMC School in West Point with desks and challkboards and Sam and Brittany outside of that school.

Friday, June 15, 2012

Garfield Memorial Church Pepper Pike Ohio 2012 Missionary Trip to Camphor Mission, Liberia

A workout to remember certainly happened when members of our team and Chris, a recent college graduate with a degree in sports conditioning, was schooled by John T by participating in Camphor’s soccer team daily workout, jogging to the village while doing soccer moves and exercise along the not too smooth road to be sure!  Words fail to describe it- had to be there! 

We at Garfield Memorial Church are honored and blessed by the opportunity to put our faith into action by serving at Camphor Mission Liberia and by their gracious reception of our gifts of time, talents and resources.  We look forward to continued growth in our faith journeys together to bring our long standing relationship with James A Garfield Church  and Camphor Mission to a deeper level as we all learn to see and feel God through each other.    Sandy VerDuin, Mission Coordinator, GMC UUS

Garfield Memorial Church Pepper Pike Ohio 2012 Missionary Trip to Camphor Mission, Liberia

Games and Songs we abundant as all had permission to let loose, and let God in!
What a privilege to serve in an environment that so freely loves and celebrates  their relationship with their Lord!

Garfield Memorial Church Pepper Pike Ohio 2012 Missionary Trip to Camphor Mission, Liberia

The Team fully embraced the introduction of Bible skits to their Bible studies with the presentation of the Good Samaritan which was done in Sunday worship service, a first for the church indeed!  The place exploded during the David and Goliath skit when  Goliath(Bishop) went crashing to the floor 

As our grand finale on our last day there,  an all church skit (125 children and adults)brought the story of the  10 Plagues of Egypt to life as never before!  Twenty leaders (including Evelyn of the girls dorm) lead the masses to have plagues descend upon Egypt in the most loving Christian way of course!  How fun it is to bring the Bible to life in ways children will never forget! What an honor, what a blessing!

Garfield Memorial Church Pepper Pike Ohio 2012 Missionary Trip to Camphor Mission, Liberia

The Adult Student Leadership Team formed by Sandy and the students in 2010 expanded with new members who proudly wore leadership shirts provided by Our Lady of Perpetual Help in Aurora Ohio.

Providing much needed clothing in a school program for controlled distribution was a wonderful experience as kids designed their own shirts after hearing how the Bible scriptures answer any question or complaint you can have!  The Leadership Team did an outstanding job in presenting the holy support that the Bible brings to all! 

Garfield Memorial Church Pepper Pike Ohio 2012 Missionary Trip to Camphor Mission, Liberia

A medical suitcase from MedWish International was a welcomed gift and shopping in  Buchanan produced much needed medicines for the clinic as well as identifying on ongoing need of a fetal  heartbeat monitor for the midwives in the villages.

Garfield Memorial Church Pepper Pike Ohio 2012 Missionary Trip to Camphor Mission, Liberia

The church parsonage renovation has begun with  a new non-rust roof complete with a water retention systems to utilize the rain water and help reduce wear and tear on the hand pumps~. A small addition of a bathroom and closet will soon happen along with new doors for all rooms and tiling and paint for two rooms.  Other rooms will be addressed soon we hope to complete the home.  Time spent with Reverend Kulah and others to plan the construction project produced valuable tools for planning future projects and enabled all to better understand the different approaches our two cultures bring.

Garfield Memorial Church Pepper Pike Ohio 2012 Missionary Trip to Camphor Mission, Liberia

The sister relationship between the two churches enabled many dreams to become reality beginning with a  new coat of paint inside and out for the church! Be sure to wear your sunglasses as the labor of love by so many radiants from the hilltop! In addition to salary support, the purchase of motorcycles for the church ministries, and a generator to bring light to the church, in six short days Camphor folks joined hands with the team and accomplish many tasks all the while building the kingdom of Jesus Christ together. Praise God, Lord Almighty!

Garfield Memorial Church Pepper Pike Ohio 2012 Missionary Trip to Camphor Mission, Liberia

This was Sandy VerDuin’s third service at the mission which enabled relationships with Camphor staff and students to grow even deeper.

The two day expected travel to reach Camphor Mission turned into 4 days of travel so the team hit the ground  running knowing time was short. In addition to salary support, the purchase of motorcycles for the church ministries, and a generator to bring light to the church, in six short days Camphor folks joined hands with the team and accomplish many tasks all the while building the kingdom of Jesus Christ together. Praise God, Lord Almighty! 

Monday, June 11, 2012

Thoughts from Sandy VerDuin from the Garfield UMC in Pepperpike Ohio . . .
I'm back from Camphor Mission and it was SO WONDERFUL delivering the Bibles to the class. I stayed just a bit and did a fun how to use their Bible activity with them.  I would love to coordinate with you on anything else you or Bob Gibb from Trinity UMC in Denver are planning to do with BIble study as I've been working with CM and would love to work with you so we don't duplicate and maybe even put together a good program for them. As I shared with you this was very meaningful to me as the class began with me and my fellow servers in 2010!  Seeds really were planted on fertile soil to say the least!
This time I concentrated on teaching the CM Leadership Team on how to develop and present skits for the BIble Stories! They had never seen the scriptures acted out before but caught on quickly and loved it!   It was wonderful and we began with the Good Samaritan which Rev Kulah also had us do in the worship service,(which was another first as they had never had that in worship before!   Followed up with David and Goliath ,, and then my favorite was an all church (about 110 students and adults doing the 10 plagues of Egypt - with the Leadership Team and our team in helping to direct it!  VERY FUN and good discussion - I know those kids will remember this story- or at least what plague they played(in the most fun and Christian way of course)
I left a few more skits for them in their Leadership Team notebooks along with many games, group builders, teaching aids for that 3rd grade class. Etc Unfortunately all the curriculum I left before had vanished- so we begin again.   It was very moving for me when the leaders who were still there who had worked with me in 2010 still had their Leaders Notebooks from then and brought them to show me.  YEP my heart overflowed AGAIN.

As I have so many years in CE and love it, I'm thinking IF they wish I'd love to work with not only the school teachers in that Bible Study class but also teach/send along curriculum for the Sunday Morning church school as they have non there either.  Once Rev Kulah gets a dependable email address I hope to follow up on that.

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Camphor Mission Station Reunion

A bunch of us gathered at Andover UMC for the Camphor Mission Reunion.  A great turn out, a great meal, and many new people interested in traveling!

Update from Camphor Mission

Greetings from all of your family members at Camphor. Thanks for the $3,600 you sent from East Ohio Foundation for salary support which was received on May 9, 2012 and was used to pay salary for the month of April as salary was paid for March earlier.

Cecelia is presently in Sweden and mandated for this information to be send to you through this medium. Rev. Kulah is presently in charge of the Mission until Cecelia returns early or middle June. The 9th grader completed the WAEC test on the 16th of May with about ten(10) students from Camphor including two of the missionary sponsored students, Daniel Jaymeh and Samuel Bishop Mandeh.

Dr. Chris (from Illinois) is expected to arrive on campus today, thanks for your contact in having him select Camphor as his stopping point, may God bless the works of your heart as you will always be there for camphor.

We are preparing to receive Sandy (Garfield UMC) and her team as soon as possible as her iternary states that she will be here on the 30th.

We are very sorry for not communicating for a long time. Joshua has completed one of the Wooster wells and is almost completing the second as the rainy season is around.

Deb (Michigan Midwife) will be leaving on Sunday, May 20th and a farewell service was held in her honor on Friday by the camphor mission family.

Extend our greetings to  all of the camphor mission friends at East Ohio and tell them that the students as well as the entire mission will continue to remember and love them.

Camphor Mission Station

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Visitors from Liberia in East Ohio

East Ohio was blessed to have two visitors from Liberia, Shaffa Seward LAC UMVIM coordinator and Rev. Albert Barchue, ordained elder and district superintendent.  Both were building relationships and making connections for the mission of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and the development of Liberia.

Rev. Barchue preached at Celebration UMC in the North Coast District, toured the Nehemiah Mission, Flat Rock Home, and Canton Calvary Mission, North Coast District office, Church of the Savior Cleveland Heights, visited with the cabinet and Bishop Hopkins, and the Pedaling Parsons, and spoke at Faith UMC in North Canton, and then headed off to the Detroit Annual Conference.

Shaffa Seward worked to coordinate future UMVIM trips to Liberia.  Shaffa spent time with Gay Street UMC, Faith UMC, Andover UMC, Macedonia UMC, Garfield UMC, Farmer to Farmer, and Pedaling Parsons.  All of these groups are planning mission trips to Liberia in 2013!    Stay tuned for more details and how you can be involved.

Monday, April 30, 2012

Camphor Mission Reunion

This event is for you if you have been to Camphor Mission Station
or if you are interested in going to the Camphor Mission Station!

Sunday, May 20th at 5:30 at Andover UMC
181 South Main Street, Andover, Ohio 44003

Come for a 3Cs Camphor reunion and information time for new UMVIM travelers.  Bring someone who might be curious about learning more about Liberia and the partnership between Camphor Mission and East Ohio Conference.  

There will be a barbeque pork dinner provided, worship, stories, photos, updates, and more.   Come and visit with people who traveled on UMVIM trips to Camphor and encourage others to be the hands, feet, and heart of Jesus.  

Details about 3Cs UMVIM Trips 2013 to 
Camphor Mission will be discussed.

RSVP to by May 10th. 

Donations can be made for the meal and will go to the building fund at Andover UMC.  Meal being provided by Go Big Catering Bunky Jordan, Camphor Alumni class of 2012!

To learn more about the 3Cs Mission, clinics, classrooms, and churches go to

Leymah Gbowee video

Listen in to what Nobel Peace Laureate has to say about Liberia and the dream of African girls. If you have not read her book yet, I highly recommend it, Mighty Be Our Powers.

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Look what God has done through people!

Who? East Ohio UMVIMers
When? January-March 2012
Where? Camphor Mission Station in Liberia
Why and How? These tasks of ministry were completed in partnership with Liberians and the western partners.

Tasks completed and relationships built through the glory of God!

10 water wells dug in surrounding villages, Joshua and the Geneva Rotary, Jordan's Wishing Wells, Seville UMC, Wooster UMC, Green Valley UMC
Guesthouse roofed, windows, doors, electrical, ceiling tile, carpenters, plaster job with Mr. Gbaa, Nelson, Adelphus and Solo
Cement block making with Mr. Gbaa
2 months of salary paid with Obediah
Hung solar on the guesthouse roof for recharging without the generator! Thanks Emmanuel!
Girl's Dorm completely tiled along with Matron's rooms with the help of Solo and many students
Boy's Dorm exterior painted and 3 picnic tables built for porch and study area with Alvin Joe and other students
Both dorms new mattresses and mosquito nets hung, with the girls and thanks UMVIM Volunteers, Macedonia UMC and Jan Reynolds
Map Mural Project completed with 10 students and AB Roberts
45 bags of rice for staff with Obediah thanks UMVIM Volunteers!
Village visits in places where water wells were dug being led by Aaron and other students
Girl's Dorm toiletry and pillowcase dress distribution, thanks to Faith UMC with help from Evelyn, the new Matron
Boy's Dorm soap and washcloths, Faith UMC with help from Dean of Boys, Paul Dean
Women staff, sanitary toiletry distribution
Ash Wednesday Worship introduced to Camphor Mission with Rev. Kulah
Super Bowl Event, track and field, kickball and soccer games with Coach Toe
Re-secured and hung basketball nets with Adid and other students in the boy's dorm
Library Training with Mary and Kevin
Cooking lessons, donuts, palm butter, greens with Irene and Success
Solar Suitcase Hung in clinic thanks to Hope Ridge UMC, Emmanuel, Meleiah and Mary
Traditional Birth Attendant workshop thanks to Mary, Victoria, and Trinity UMC Denver, Colorado
Midwives on the mission
Exercise with Coach Toe
Hunting with the sling shot thanks boys
Devotions at the Liberia Conference Office
Dinner with the Bishop and his family
Sharing the movie Pray the Devil Back to Hell
Played with children
Puzzles on the porch
Basket weaving
Shopping in the market with Irene and Cecelia
African clothes made with Irene
Bicycle repair
Zentangle art lessons
Volleyball net hung
Attended Liberia Annual Conference
Devotions with the Girl's Dorm
Teacher training
Tutoring students
Banner making with Garfield Church and school classes
Knitting doll lessons
Visiting the beach in Buchanan
Touring Monrovia
Visiting West Point
Preaching in the villages and in Monrovia
Visits to Harrisburg and the Farmer to Farmer project
Visit to White Plains Retreat Center

Learn more from a speaker at your church, small group, compass group, or plan to be a part of the next 2013 UMVIM trips to Camphor Mission. There are many volunteers who are eager to share the story about their time at Camphor Mission. Contact me for names and contact information.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

10 NEW Hand Dug Water Wells

During this year's dry season, January-mid March 2012 East Ohio was able to put in 10 new hand dug wells! Clean water will save lives and bring hope to these villages. Thank you Jack Hopkins and Geneva Rotary, Jordans Wishing Wells, Seville UMC, Wooster UMC, and Green Valley UMC. Praise God for Trinity UMC in Denver Colorado who will be meeting the needs of water, latrines, and mosquito nets for all of the other villages in the Camphor Clinic catchment area. If you are interested in learning more about the goals of Trinity UMC and this project contact Bob Gibb at Trinity United Methodist Church Phone (303) 839-1493