Saturday, August 31, 2013

Camphor Clinic Staff Quarters

Hello Rev. Don Richards and Pedaling Parsons,

Thank God for great things you are doing at Camphor Mission. As of April to June of this year you wired us through Money Gram $8524 for the improvement of the Clinic staff quarter.We are pleased to inform you about the completion of the units at the total cost of $8076.  Please see the photos of the porches,living/dining rooms and bathrooms.We are now tiling the floors of the guest house porches with the balance.Thanks for the supports.This is a true demonstration of Christian love and concern for us.

Our next target is the Mary Davis/James Darsaw residence as soon as funding is available.

The 2013/2014 school year is picking up gradually with the registration process in progress.Classes will begin early September 4.The staffs are well and preparing to start school.We all appreciate you for all you are doing,wish you God`s protection in everything.

We just hosted Bishop Innis and his cabinet ( August 14 to 18).  He spoke so much about you people.

Thanks for the kind of the generosity you showed him and the many good plans you are putting together to develop Camphor.

Faithfully yours,

Monday, August 26, 2013

UMW at Mentor UMC Women in Missions

Here is Eliana and Hannah Kate sharing in their duct tape ministry! Raising funds for Camphor Mission with duct tape bracelets, bookmarks, wallets, purses, and more!  Kiersten was there too with her Silly Banz rainbow bracelets.

Young people using their talents to leave the world better than they found it!

Saturday, August 24, 2013

UMVIM Team Forming

We will have our first team meeting for the February 15-March 3, 2014 UMVIM trip to Camphor Mission Station.  The meeting will be held in the Macedonia area at 2:00 on Sunday, September 29th.  Contact Kathy Dickriede with questions leading up to the meeting,  In the meantime, here is the application to complete and bring to the meeting.

Camphor Mission has a clinic, a boarding school, a church, and an agriculture department. 

UMVIM teams will sleep in single beds with mosquito nets.  Food will be mostly rice and vegetables with chicken or fish. 

Time will be spent in the school with teacher, tutoring students, and perhaps painting classrooms.  The clinic is very rural and does not do a lot of medicine. Time will be spent with the traditional birth attendants and doing outreach to rural village for vaccination and water wells.  It is always possible to be at work in the agriculture fields and working with the newly formed 4-H group on the mission.  Building relationships with staff and students and the people in the surrounding village is always the priority. 

Possible construction jobs on new housing and renovations on current staff housing. 

Cost is $3000 for airfare, food, lodging, and in country travel.  Additional costs for VISAS, immunizations, and souveniers.

Required Immunization is the Yellow Fever Vaccination.
Strongly suggested  Typhoid, Hep A, Hep B, Tetanus/Diphtheria booster, Measles Booster, Polio Booster, Influenza.

Malaria prophylaxis mandatory.

We will also spend some time at the end of the trip in Monrovia doing some site seeing and seeing urban UMC sites. 

Team meetings (3 total) will be once a month beginning September 29th running through November.