Thursday, March 25, 2010

Judy Olin UMVIM Guest House

Roofing of the Guest House was completed on Saturday. First phase of electrification has also been completed. Framing for ceiling began Monday and is ongoing. Plastering and setting of window and door frames will begin this weekend.

Do keep us in prayer and extend our regards to family, friends and congregations of East Ohio.
Yours In His Service,
Paul J. Glaydor, Sr.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Jordan's Water Wells

We just dedicated the two wells at Gorgbah and Duo. It was a very well organized program in which the guests from Minnesota and Garfield UMC participated. The press (print and radio) was in full. Linda (Minnesota) and Sandy (Garfield) were interviewed. we listened to the broadcast this morning. The news paper edition included interviews, photographs of all of the projects, including palm oil production, agriculture, construction, clinic etc.

Roofing on the Guest House is in progress. Zinking will begin hopefully by Monday.

Written by Paul Glaydor, Sr. Superintendent Camphor Mission Station

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Minnesota UMVIM Team

The guests from Minnesota are hard at work at Camphor! They have been working at the Guest House. Today is Wayne's second day with Gbaa, hauling and laying bricks. The girls worked yesterday with agriculture, planting okra, transplanting pepper, cabbage and bitter balls. Linda spent the day yesterday in the library and they all helped distribute black bags among the staffs. Nancy wanted to cook palm butter with Lucille and Irene. She did. New work schedules today: Linda and Nancy will work at clinic, seeing babies and their mothers and later go to the classrooms. Linda may be organizing knitting and crocheting classes later this week. The girls will be doing their home work today and then all will participate in Palm oil production tomorrow.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Jordan's Wishing Wells

Jordan's vision is becoming a reality at Camphor. Two hand dug wells are going into Duo and Ghoba, neighboring villages of Camphor. Joshua has been digging, by hand, down more than 30 feet! Culverts are being made, villagers are hauling cement and breaking rocks. Life is changing for the people of these villages. A clean water source will mean better health!

It costs about $1500 USD for a hand dug water well in Liberia.
See Jordan's web site for more details about how you can be a part of this ministry.

Camphor Mission

Kathy and Danny will be staying in the states for a while. We will be telling the Camphor story, advocating for support, seeking out grants and other resources. We will continue to update you on what is happening at Camphor with photos and stories. If you have questions, please contact us at Please continue praying for the people at Camphor. Peace.

Camphor has many visitors in March! A Minnesota Team of 5 people just arrived to help with the construction of the Judy Olin UMVIM Guesthouse, work with students and teachers, and others on the mission. Another team of 3 is arriving on Saturday. Sandy and team are from the East Ohio Garfield UMC. They will be doing a VBS sort of program with the students and building relationships with the Garfield UMC at the Camphor Mission. We just heard that Jordan's Wishing Wells, 2, one in Duo and the other in Ghoba will be dedicated on Friday, March 5th. Praise God for clean water sources. Exciting times for Camphor.

Coming home

Danny and Kathy returned home to Ohio on Saturday, February 27th. We received news on Thursday, February 25th that Danny's mom Rose died early that morning. We will be celebrating her life with family and friends in Euclid, Ohio on Wednesday, March 3. Rose was an amazing woman who will be missed greatly.