Wednesday, September 30, 2009


Here is a video of the students singing for us as they welcome us to the Camphor Mission!

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Our return to the Camphor Mission Station

After a whirled wind weekend in Monrovia with shopping and meetings, we traveled four hours on washed out rainy seasoned roads. There were pot holes and rushing creeks deeper than the floor boards of any car. Kathy spent most of the time trying not to throw up while Danny visited with the Methodist staff that road along to introduce us. We had a great welcome ceremony with all of the students, staff, community, district superintendent, and conference leaders present. There is a video of the children singing and welcoming us home.

We spent our first days visiting with people, moving into a repainted, comfortable, dry house that we will share with the new director and principal. We will begin building the missionary housing when the rains stop next month. Wish us luck. We need your prayers. We are also awaiting the container that Firestone is shipping and should arrive mid-October.

We were excited to see many improvements on the mission station. Mosquito nets in the hospital and girls and boys dorms, new ceiling and screens on windows in the boy's dorm, generators in girls and boys dorms, which means light bulbs for a couple of hours in the evenings for studying. Their generator is better than ours, they have lights tonight and we don't.

Danny has been spending his time at the clinic with the staff and patients. Kathy has been getting herself invited to the girl's dorm for devotions and sitting in classes at the school observing students and teachers. We are trying to keep our mouths shut and our ears open. That is hard for Danny! We look forward to working with the new administration who move in next week. People are excited about the possibilities that all of this newness might bring. As they say here, "Take time, take time, changes will come slow slow. In Jesus name."

We hope to come into Buchanan (about 12 miles from the Camphor Mission) and update the blog each week. Keep in touch with us through email, We would love to hear from you!

Clinic ward with mosquito nets.

Girls dorm with mosquito nets.

Girls in the dorm.
Students at the welcome ceremony.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

We arrived in Liberia!

We arrived in Liberia on Wednesday evening, September 16th. We are staying with our friend Nyamah at the UMC Compound.  We will be in Monrovia for a few days making connections, purchasing supplies, and preparing for life at the Camphor Mission.  Excited to get started!

It is the middle of the rainy season and a bit cooler temperatures, still in the 80's though. Every time we arrive in Liberia we see changes and progress from the last time we were here.  There are street lights being powered by the government, the trash is picked up, and it smells better. As Danny says, "It doesn't smell so much like a litter box now!"  The airport scene and collecting bags was wild and chaotic.  So many people everywhere!  But that just makes us laugh and smile. The business means people are coming here which is a great thing, expats want to come and help and more West Africans have resources enough to spend on travel.  The scene is so very different from an airport in America, you just have to smile and enjoy!  


The first gathering of A Year of 100 Gatherings!

Bob and Connie Harnden of Mentor UMC celebrated 50 years of marriage in June. Their daughters Sarah and Susan surprised them with a gathering of friends and family. They also surprised the Camphor Mission with a donation of $460. Sarah and Susan asked the guest to instead of gifting their parents they could make a donation to the ministry at the Camphor Mission Station in Liberia. Thank you for your generosity and congratulations on your anniversary.

If you are interested in connecting with the Camphor Mission like this and hosting one of your own gatherings, contact Kurt and Janet Reichert ( or Rhonda ( and Larry ( Hoon for more details!

Friday, September 4, 2009

New Partnering Church!

Perry UMC in the Western Reserve District has partnered with us as missionaries to the Camphor Mission Station in Liberia.  If you would like more information contact Paul White at and ask how you can be a part of the East Ohio Advance #9948.  Thanks Pastor Keith and the congregation at Perry UMC!