Sunday, September 27, 2009

Our return to the Camphor Mission Station

After a whirled wind weekend in Monrovia with shopping and meetings, we traveled four hours on washed out rainy seasoned roads. There were pot holes and rushing creeks deeper than the floor boards of any car. Kathy spent most of the time trying not to throw up while Danny visited with the Methodist staff that road along to introduce us. We had a great welcome ceremony with all of the students, staff, community, district superintendent, and conference leaders present. There is a video of the children singing and welcoming us home.

We spent our first days visiting with people, moving into a repainted, comfortable, dry house that we will share with the new director and principal. We will begin building the missionary housing when the rains stop next month. Wish us luck. We need your prayers. We are also awaiting the container that Firestone is shipping and should arrive mid-October.

We were excited to see many improvements on the mission station. Mosquito nets in the hospital and girls and boys dorms, new ceiling and screens on windows in the boy's dorm, generators in girls and boys dorms, which means light bulbs for a couple of hours in the evenings for studying. Their generator is better than ours, they have lights tonight and we don't.

Danny has been spending his time at the clinic with the staff and patients. Kathy has been getting herself invited to the girl's dorm for devotions and sitting in classes at the school observing students and teachers. We are trying to keep our mouths shut and our ears open. That is hard for Danny! We look forward to working with the new administration who move in next week. People are excited about the possibilities that all of this newness might bring. As they say here, "Take time, take time, changes will come slow slow. In Jesus name."

We hope to come into Buchanan (about 12 miles from the Camphor Mission) and update the blog each week. Keep in touch with us through email, We would love to hear from you!

Clinic ward with mosquito nets.

Girls dorm with mosquito nets.

Girls in the dorm.
Students at the welcome ceremony.

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Jane said...

Kathy and Danny,
Could you e-mail me ( photos and a story of your health related mission activities for me to post on the GBGM sponsored health blog? I can help tell your story. Thanks, Jane Dunn