Wednesday, June 26, 2013

UMVIM Trips to Camphor Mission Station

3Cs Mission of Clinics Classrooms and Churches in Zimbabwe, Sierra Leone, Liberia and Russia.

Everyone can be praying for these ministries.
Some of you will want to travel and participate in these ministries with your hands, feet and heart.  Relationships with people around the world will change your life forever!  Through the power of the Holy Spirit and in the way of Jesus you are invited to come and see what God is doing!

Liberia, West Africa  $3000

Camphor Mission Station

September 14-30, 2013
February 15-March 3 2014

March 1-March 17 2014

Camphor Mission Station continues to address the importance of the Christian faith, education, agriculture, healthcare and proper nutrition and clean drinking water in rural Liberia, Africa.  



Contact Kathy Dickriede

Also, a Youth and Young Adult Trip July 2014
Contact Matt Williamson or 440-477-9343

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Bishop to Bishop

UMIVM at Camphor Mission right now!

A team of UMVIMers at at Camphor Mission right now!  June 2-16th.  A team from Gay Street UMC plus one person from Wooster and another from Solon UMC have been blessed by relationships and time at Camphor Mission.

Camphor Missionaries in Liberia 

What a blessing it was to have Bishop and Mrs. John G. Innis at our church on Sunday, June 2. We were delighted to have Bishop Innis give the message and communion.  As the Bishop was preaching here, nine missionaries arrived at the Camphor Mission in Liberia after a long flight and many months of preparation. Seven of those are from our church. 
Be sure to click on the link below to hear some of our Camphor Missionaries share their thoughts on past experiences and expectations as they were preparing to leave for Liberia.  Please keep them in your prayers. 
Also check out our mission blog page to read the latest news from our missionaries:
Shared via the Mt. Vernon Gay Street UMC! Great job on this video!

Saturday, June 15, the Camphor Mission Young Adult Team will depart Cleveland for Liberia. The 14 member team will arrive at Camphor Mission Station on June 17.

Would you join us in keeping the team in prayer as well as the folks they will meet and share the love of God with?

Click here to view the prayer calendar & itinerary.
The team includes Pastor Jason Hockran, Charles Vickery, Corinne Babcock, Caitlyn Furnier, Amber Jenkins, Becca Jordan, Katie Drossos, Abby Lyons, Nate Pappenhagen, Kate Reynolds, Mike Turner, Michaella Williamson, Jan Reynolds & Mary Blencowe.

Pastor Jason will try and update the trips journey on his blog every few days.  

Bishop Innis and Irene in East Ohio

East Ohio had a wonderful time celebrating the relationship with Bishop Innis and Irene and the Liberia Annual Conference.  

A time of celebrating at meals, worship, in people's homes, and even on horseback!

To hear more about this Tour of Thanksgiving go to