Thursday, July 21, 2011

Team 2 Update

We have been busy at Camphor Mission . . .
playing with kids
doing a Vacation Bible School
tiling the clinic and the entry to the girl's dorm
putting Andover church pews in the Garfield church
making benches for the girl's dorm
cooking lessons
fixing basketball hoops and playing a pick up game with students and staff
experimenting with solar panels
visiting villages
getting dresses made
giving away pillowcase dresses
hanging up signs on the mission
canoeing to the chimpanzees
tightening up chairs and desks
beginning tile work on the church floor
teaching and being taught crocheting
learning about agriculture
pushed a car
swimming at the beach
introducing Liberian children to their ocean! so fun!
visiting LAC, Liberian Agriculture Company, and the waterfall on their property
stimulated the economy with lappa shopping
learning more about Liberia than we know about Ohio!
Buchanan market
worshiped with the people on the mission
experienced the death of a child in a neighboring village, malaria
hosted Peace Corp volunteer on the mission, welcome Natalie!
ate terrific food, thanks to Irene
visited Team 1's miracle patient who survived a ruptured uterus
baby born on the mission!
exercised with Coach Toe
story time with Helen, Tall Tales of the Bush
and enjoyed the quiet, relationships, and laughter on the mission.

We were blessed.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

A blessing

Oh, the backpacks! They are so excited about 300 of them! An announcement has been made on the radio in Bassa that the first 300 people who register for school at Camphor Mission will get a backpack filled with school supplies. They are trying to encourage especially girls to come to school and be strong learners. Today, I met a boy from a village, Abel who did not go to school last year because he could not afford the school fees and the school supply he needed. He was coming to the mission today to get the registration information. He heard the radio announcement and because of the backpacks and the supplies he does not now need to buy, he is able to register for school. You who donated items and funds, you are changing lives, making a real difference in the world, and being a living witness to new life that is found in Christ. Praise Jesus!

Monday, July 11, 2011

Team 2 from East Ohio

The group has arrived and doing well at Camphor. Already two church pews constructed and one Liberian trained in power tools! A tour of the mission and supplies purchased for tiling project in the new Maternal Health ward at the clinic at Camphor. God is good, all the time! All of the time, God is good.

Peace. More news soon!

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Team 1 and Team 2

Team 1 is about to go to the airport to head for Ohio! They have had a great time in Liberia; Camphor Mission, West Point, the Beach and Buchanan, Mamba Point, pizza, and plenty of rice.

Team 2 is about to land and begin their adventure! Praise God for visitors, laughter, fun, love, faith, and surprises! Stay tuned for more posting and photos from Team 1 as they return to the states.

Keep us all in your prayers.

Friday, July 8, 2011

Camphor Mission Container Has Arrived!

The 20 foot container that was sent by Mentor UMC has arrived on the Camphor Mission. Danny needed to find a crane to get it off the semi truck. It was a not an easy task. He traveled to an international company BRE then to the port and finally arrived on the mission with a very large crane that lifted the container and set it in place. Tada!

Since then we have been busy unloading supplies for Camphor, Ganta, Gbanga, and other UMC schools. It has been exciting to share the resources. The visitors are convinced that the backpacks have been reproducing in the container! Over 300 backpacks for the first 300 students registered for school. It will be very exciting for the people in the village!

Thanks to the Wooster UMC for tables and chairs that will be put to use immediately with a teacher training that is being held at Camphor.
Thanks to Mentor UMC for backpacks, birthing kits, and so much more!
Thanks to Vienna UMC for office furniture.
Thanks to Andover for the church pews! The congregation is SO excited! Larry will be putting them together with some students over the next 2 weeks.
Thanks to MedWish and Laurie Joyce for hospital and medical supplies.
Thanks to Bill at Sagamore for the baby scale, the Camphor Clinic was thrilled!
Thanks to Faith UMC for little girl pillow case dressed, Nancy will do some distribution over the next 2 weeks.
Thanks to Garretsville UMC and Gay Street UMc for helping to send school supplies! Connie Irvin you're the best!
Thanks to Jordan Martin for toothpaste and toothbrushes.
Thanks to Orchard Path UMC for the school shoes.
Thanks to Kevin Shaner for sorting books.
Thanks to Jack for agriculture supplies.
Thanks to Bill Otte and others for lockers.
And for all of the people I have missed, the people at Camphor are dancing, singing, jumping with joy to receive these needed items! Praise God!

Peoria UMC, thanks for sending Kathy on this trip. She has brought much energy, laughter, and spirit to this group. She has been the blessed eyes and ears for you at Camphor. The folks at Camphor were thrilled to have her on the mission again and introduce her to the village students that you help to support. Kathy was the person who handed out the graduation certificates to the 9th graders at the closing ceremonies.

What a blessing to be a part of UMVIM ministries!