Tuesday, July 12, 2011

A blessing

Oh, the backpacks! They are so excited about 300 of them! An announcement has been made on the radio in Bassa that the first 300 people who register for school at Camphor Mission will get a backpack filled with school supplies. They are trying to encourage especially girls to come to school and be strong learners. Today, I met a boy from a village, Abel who did not go to school last year because he could not afford the school fees and the school supply he needed. He was coming to the mission today to get the registration information. He heard the radio announcement and because of the backpacks and the supplies he does not now need to buy, he is able to register for school. You who donated items and funds, you are changing lives, making a real difference in the world, and being a living witness to new life that is found in Christ. Praise Jesus!

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Mary B. said...

Team 1 is so very glad to hear that the backpacks are are already being put to use. We enjoyed moving them from container "a" to container "b" with plenty of help from boys and girls of the mission. Although we never quite got the hang of carrying the loads on our heads!
Yesterday Jan, Meghan and I popped up to Mansfield to see Bob, and shared our not-so-distant memories of his water purification lessons with the TBA's, the awesome clinic staff, Irene's excellent cooking - pineapples (of course with Bob we talked pineapples!), Bishop, Victor, Esther, Annie Joe, and the amazing - Holy Spirit inspired - work that Liberians and others are doing at Camphor, Buchanan, Monrovia and all over Liberia. We are remembering walking with the Dickriede's as they told a young student her fees would be paid next year, a crane "miraculously" arrived so that all those back packs could be accessed, staff was paid - and heard that they would continue to be paid - which really raised morale, birthing room painted, children were seen, heard, taught and loved on by all of us even as we received, by the Grace of God, so much love in return. Praise the Lord! Amen.