Thursday, July 21, 2011

Team 2 Update

We have been busy at Camphor Mission . . .
playing with kids
doing a Vacation Bible School
tiling the clinic and the entry to the girl's dorm
putting Andover church pews in the Garfield church
making benches for the girl's dorm
cooking lessons
fixing basketball hoops and playing a pick up game with students and staff
experimenting with solar panels
visiting villages
getting dresses made
giving away pillowcase dresses
hanging up signs on the mission
canoeing to the chimpanzees
tightening up chairs and desks
beginning tile work on the church floor
teaching and being taught crocheting
learning about agriculture
pushed a car
swimming at the beach
introducing Liberian children to their ocean! so fun!
visiting LAC, Liberian Agriculture Company, and the waterfall on their property
stimulated the economy with lappa shopping
learning more about Liberia than we know about Ohio!
Buchanan market
worshiped with the people on the mission
experienced the death of a child in a neighboring village, malaria
hosted Peace Corp volunteer on the mission, welcome Natalie!
ate terrific food, thanks to Irene
visited Team 1's miracle patient who survived a ruptured uterus
baby born on the mission!
exercised with Coach Toe
story time with Helen, Tall Tales of the Bush
and enjoyed the quiet, relationships, and laughter on the mission.

We were blessed.

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