Sunday, May 20, 2012

Camphor Mission Station Reunion

A bunch of us gathered at Andover UMC for the Camphor Mission Reunion.  A great turn out, a great meal, and many new people interested in traveling!

Update from Camphor Mission

Greetings from all of your family members at Camphor. Thanks for the $3,600 you sent from East Ohio Foundation for salary support which was received on May 9, 2012 and was used to pay salary for the month of April as salary was paid for March earlier.

Cecelia is presently in Sweden and mandated for this information to be send to you through this medium. Rev. Kulah is presently in charge of the Mission until Cecelia returns early or middle June. The 9th grader completed the WAEC test on the 16th of May with about ten(10) students from Camphor including two of the missionary sponsored students, Daniel Jaymeh and Samuel Bishop Mandeh.

Dr. Chris (from Illinois) is expected to arrive on campus today, thanks for your contact in having him select Camphor as his stopping point, may God bless the works of your heart as you will always be there for camphor.

We are preparing to receive Sandy (Garfield UMC) and her team as soon as possible as her iternary states that she will be here on the 30th.

We are very sorry for not communicating for a long time. Joshua has completed one of the Wooster wells and is almost completing the second as the rainy season is around.

Deb (Michigan Midwife) will be leaving on Sunday, May 20th and a farewell service was held in her honor on Friday by the camphor mission family.

Extend our greetings to  all of the camphor mission friends at East Ohio and tell them that the students as well as the entire mission will continue to remember and love them.

Camphor Mission Station

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Visitors from Liberia in East Ohio

East Ohio was blessed to have two visitors from Liberia, Shaffa Seward LAC UMVIM coordinator and Rev. Albert Barchue, ordained elder and district superintendent.  Both were building relationships and making connections for the mission of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and the development of Liberia.

Rev. Barchue preached at Celebration UMC in the North Coast District, toured the Nehemiah Mission, Flat Rock Home, and Canton Calvary Mission, North Coast District office, Church of the Savior Cleveland Heights, visited with the cabinet and Bishop Hopkins, and the Pedaling Parsons, and spoke at Faith UMC in North Canton, and then headed off to the Detroit Annual Conference.

Shaffa Seward worked to coordinate future UMVIM trips to Liberia.  Shaffa spent time with Gay Street UMC, Faith UMC, Andover UMC, Macedonia UMC, Garfield UMC, Farmer to Farmer, and Pedaling Parsons.  All of these groups are planning mission trips to Liberia in 2013!    Stay tuned for more details and how you can be involved.