Sunday, February 21, 2010

Camphor Update

It has been an exciting and busy week of at Camphor. It is SO great having Teddy here! He is a breath of fresh air! He has been mountain biking (and wiping out!), eating hot peppers that make him cry, getting beat up in the surf of the Buchanan beach, playing soccer and guitar, designing water towers and generator house, mixed concrete, and more! Here are some images from our week.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

More Photos from the East Ohio Trip

East Ohio UMVIM trip to Camphor

Here are some photos from the East Ohio UMVIM trip to Camphor!

East Ohio Conference UMVIM Team

Friends and visitors have arrived in Liberia! We have had a great visit with 12 members of the 26 person delegation from East Ohio. Rev. Gary Olin lead the team of 12 to Camphor Mission to work on the Judy Olin UMVIM Guesthouse. We have been busy laying bricks, raising walls, chunking cement, organizing the library, building relationships, planting cassava with the agriculture department, and teaching in the school. There are many activities to be a part of and staff to interact with at Camphor. It has been a week of blessings, good food, laughter, a dance party in the front yard with the girls from the dorm, new discoveries, and good sharing. We are headed to see chimpanzees by canoe on Saturday followed by church on Sunday with President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf. The team flies out on Sunday night! We then head back to Camphor with Ted Babcock to share Camphor with him! Keep us in your prayers.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Camphor in 2010

Much has already happened at Camphor in 2010.
Boy's dorm interior painted.
New screens on dining hall.
Teacher training held.
Students have returned to classes.
Agriculture producing palm oil for soap making.
Agriculture clearing for more planting.
Salary payment is current.
Visitors from East Ohio arrive January 27th.

Here is a photo of our first toothbrush distribution. The 7th and 8th grade classes are studying about dental health. Perfect timing! Kathy and Danny spoke to both classes on Monday, January 25th. Kathy read two story books from the library and Danny did the health talk. Hurray for Jordan and healthy teeth at Camphor.