Thursday, September 19, 2013

Update from Camphor Mission Directoress, Cecelia M. Cephas

Words from Cecelia M. Cephas September 2013

Great and tremendous improvement of changes are unfolding at Camphor Mission in the areas of infrastructure and relations since East Ohio's connection with the mission. In the area of infrastructure, we can sing praises of a three unit guest house, an improved teachers and clinic staff quarters, with other buildings on the book for renovation and construction. As it relates to relationship, we are connected with the entire East Ohio Conference and beyond. Every now and then we cannot stop receiving more teams and guests. People you (Kathy Dickriede) have interacted with about Camphor Mission are zealously on fire to identify themselves with us and to be part of the life improvement at Camphor Mission, as well as its infrastructure agenda/plan.

The past school year – 2012/2013 was successful. 
We began with 311 students (168 boys and 143 girls).
We ended with 245 students (138 boys and 107 girls). 
Nine students (6 boys and 3 girls) graduated from the 9th grade.
Thirteen students (10 boys and 3 girls ) graduated from the nursery/kindergarten to primary school.

We have just begun the 2013/2014 academic school year with a very good number of 275 students, with registration still going on. We will inform you of the total number of students at a later time. 

All the teachers are well and have started their teaching activities with joy of happiness. We have three new teachers (Rev. George V. S. Welah, Alphonso Brown NAD Garmondyu Kpelleh) joining our instructional staff. Both  Alphonso  Brown and Garmondyu Kpelleh are products/alumnae of Camphor Mission who have come back to help build up the learning process of the school.

The government has built the salaries strength of its public school teachers. This increment has posed serious problem on the private schools Most teachers are leaving the private school and crossing over to the government schools. Some of our own United Methodist schools are now closed down as the result of the improvement of public schools teachers salaries. The monthly salary at Camphor Mission is now on  $5,275 USD. When you come next year, we will sit and put the salaries business in proper perspective.

We are still hoping and anticipating to have the feeding program for the students. Especially the village students who come to school  empty stomach and go back home under the same condition. Just few days ago, a six years old boy in the nursery or kindergarten cried of being hungry before recess time. Mrs. Mary Baysah and the Principal provided something for him quick which he ate and was made lively again.

It is all of us dream and aspiration to elevate Camphor Mission to a high school status in the near future. And as we think thoughtfully of the realization of this vision, there are key areas of concerntration, which when handle, the road to th obtainment of the high school will be paved. The areas of concern are the construction of a new modern boys dormitory, the development of staff and teachers in specified subject areas such as language arts, the liberal arts, the sciences and the building of a wee-equipped library.

When you were here, we gave you the names  of persons/teachers who have been earmarked for the staff development program. We want for you to add Alphonso Brown and Garmondyu Kpelleh to the list. Plan for the new modern boys dormitory will be prepared and sent to you subsequently.

The students (old and new), teachers, support staff and administrators send their greetings to you.

The peace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with your spirit, Kathy as you go on the story telling campaign trail/venture of Camphor Mission throughout the length and breath East Ohio and beyond.

Always be blessed,
Cecelia M.Cephas

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Dear Friends,
I am so happy to let you know that the funds you helped to raise at the welcome dinner in May for Bishop and Irene Innis have been used to purchase and ship a 2005 Toyota van.  This 9 passenger van was picked out by Bishop Innis in Trenton, New Jersey and shipped to Monrovia.  It should arrive this week and be used to take the Camphor Soccer Team to away games this semester as well as other transportation needs.  Here is a picture of the van.  Bishop Innis will send pictures when the van arrives in Monrovia.  Thanks for your part in this.
In Christian Love,
Don Richards