Monday, June 11, 2012

Thoughts from Sandy VerDuin from the Garfield UMC in Pepperpike Ohio . . .
I'm back from Camphor Mission and it was SO WONDERFUL delivering the Bibles to the class. I stayed just a bit and did a fun how to use their Bible activity with them.  I would love to coordinate with you on anything else you or Bob Gibb from Trinity UMC in Denver are planning to do with BIble study as I've been working with CM and would love to work with you so we don't duplicate and maybe even put together a good program for them. As I shared with you this was very meaningful to me as the class began with me and my fellow servers in 2010!  Seeds really were planted on fertile soil to say the least!
This time I concentrated on teaching the CM Leadership Team on how to develop and present skits for the BIble Stories! They had never seen the scriptures acted out before but caught on quickly and loved it!   It was wonderful and we began with the Good Samaritan which Rev Kulah also had us do in the worship service,(which was another first as they had never had that in worship before!   Followed up with David and Goliath ,, and then my favorite was an all church (about 110 students and adults doing the 10 plagues of Egypt - with the Leadership Team and our team in helping to direct it!  VERY FUN and good discussion - I know those kids will remember this story- or at least what plague they played(in the most fun and Christian way of course)
I left a few more skits for them in their Leadership Team notebooks along with many games, group builders, teaching aids for that 3rd grade class. Etc Unfortunately all the curriculum I left before had vanished- so we begin again.   It was very moving for me when the leaders who were still there who had worked with me in 2010 still had their Leaders Notebooks from then and brought them to show me.  YEP my heart overflowed AGAIN.

As I have so many years in CE and love it, I'm thinking IF they wish I'd love to work with not only the school teachers in that Bible Study class but also teach/send along curriculum for the Sunday Morning church school as they have non there either.  Once Rev Kulah gets a dependable email address I hope to follow up on that.

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