Friday, June 15, 2012

Garfield Memorial Church Pepper Pike Ohio 2012 Missionary Trip to Camphor Mission, Liberia

The Team fully embraced the introduction of Bible skits to their Bible studies with the presentation of the Good Samaritan which was done in Sunday worship service, a first for the church indeed!  The place exploded during the David and Goliath skit when  Goliath(Bishop) went crashing to the floor 

As our grand finale on our last day there,  an all church skit (125 children and adults)brought the story of the  10 Plagues of Egypt to life as never before!  Twenty leaders (including Evelyn of the girls dorm) lead the masses to have plagues descend upon Egypt in the most loving Christian way of course!  How fun it is to bring the Bible to life in ways children will never forget! What an honor, what a blessing!

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