Friday, June 15, 2012

Garfield Memorial Church Pepper Pike Ohio 2012 Missionary Trip to Camphor Mission, Liberia

A workout to remember certainly happened when members of our team and Chris, a recent college graduate with a degree in sports conditioning, was schooled by John T by participating in Camphor’s soccer team daily workout, jogging to the village while doing soccer moves and exercise along the not too smooth road to be sure!  Words fail to describe it- had to be there! 

We at Garfield Memorial Church are honored and blessed by the opportunity to put our faith into action by serving at Camphor Mission Liberia and by their gracious reception of our gifts of time, talents and resources.  We look forward to continued growth in our faith journeys together to bring our long standing relationship with James A Garfield Church  and Camphor Mission to a deeper level as we all learn to see and feel God through each other.    Sandy VerDuin, Mission Coordinator, GMC UUS

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