Monday, May 24, 2010

Camphor Update from Paul Glaydor, Sr.

April salaries have been paid. This time, clinic staffs were paid from funds generated from the clinic. Last month, part of teacher’s salaries was paid from the school’s account. We are hoping that all projects will be able to foot part of their staff salary from funds they can generate. This assures us of a gradual movement towards the goal of financial sustainability.

A two weeks refresher workshop for Traditional Birth Attendants (TBA’s) was held from April 5 to 16. Over 52 traditional midwives from 42 villages in the Camphor area who have earlier been trained by the Mission as TBAs participated. Mrs. Helen Nyuma a trainer from the Ganta Community Development Home Based Life Saving Skills program served as a guest trainer. Village chiefs in the Camphor area were invited at the closing ceremonies. They all resolved to work with the Mission in supporting the work of traditional midwives in their respective communities. Some offered to construct delivery homes for these Trained Traditional Midwives in their villages.

The Motor Cycle donated by the Trinity UMC made its maiden trip this week-end to villages for monitoring activities of TBAs. Vaccination of babies is also on schedule. This week, Alvin Joe, Vaccinator at the clinic said over 100 babies were given polio and measles vaccines. Outreach for community health development is continuing on Wednesdays and Saturdays on a weekly basis. This include HIV/AIDS awareness.

Estimates of extension at 3,537.50 of the clinic was submitted to UMCOR.The extension will contain a delivery room of 22ft. by 15ft, complete with bathroom and an office. We are prayfully hopeful that funds will be made available as soon as possible to make the extension possible.

Mock (demonstrative) exams were administered this last week. Sixth and ninth graders sat in preparation for the West African Examination Council administered National Exams. National Exams are scheduled for May 24th - 27th for both sixth and ninth graders. Grade Conference for 4th and 5th periods was held on Friday, the 8th. School Board meeting was held on Sunday, the 9th. Budget and programs for next academic 2010/2011 were highlighted. Budget and new fees were presented to the Board for study and could be approved next Sunday, the 23rd. A committee for graduation has been set up to plan ahead closing ceremonies for academic 2009/2010 which has been set for June 27th.

The school qualified in the first round of the Inter School Sports Tournament. Won its qualifying matches both in kickball and soccer by wide margins. We will be participating in the second round of the tournament in Monrovia shortly. Bible Blast, the program introduce by Sandy VanDuin (SP) of the East Ohio Conference has resumed. A new coordinator (Ms. Success Gbesio) was appointed because of busy schedule of Rev. Joe Giahque. Rev. Aquinas J. Kulah, Pastor of Garfield UMC, Camphor Mission and Vice Principal of the school will also provide supervision.

Construction of the palm processing factory for which funds were donated by the Minnesota Team has begun we are doing both foundation and roofing before we can lay bricks because the rain is fast coming in this year. Contractors say foundation and roofing will be completed in one month. Nelson is optimistic about this. Charcoal production is in process. About one hundred and fifty bags are now being produced. We began supplying dinning hall yesterday. The rubber farm is being cleaned. An amount of USD 675.00 has been donated for rubber trees. Part of this fund will be used to replace strums that failed. From meeting with the Agriculture Department today, plantain will be intercropped with the rubber as it is being underbrushed. The area around the dinning hall is also being cleared for planting plantain for feeding the students. The chain-saw crew will be leaving for timber production into the newly located forest area by the 20th. They are targeting producing one thousand pieces of timber within one month. Part of this timber will be used for roofing of the last unit of the Judy Olin Guest House.

Jim Perry of the Edenton Street UMC Africa Sub-Committee paid a visit to Camphor Mission under heavy rainfalls that interrupted a set meeting. I later had a meeting with him in Monrovia over the week-end that focused on financial sustainability of the Mission and other United Methodist Institutions in Liberia , using agriculture. Jim has commissioned a number of micro-franchising projects into which Camphor Mission will participate and benefit from.

Judy Olin Guest House
Plastering in and out of the Guest House has been completed. Finishing is on-going. Laying of ceiling in the first two units has also been completed. First phase of painting (white-washing) has begun and is on-going. Floors are been smoothening in preparation for tile laying by this week-end. Keys may be turned over by contractor Nelson within a week and half from now. The Bishop of the Liberia Annual Conference has instructed the Liberia Annual Conference Board of Trustees to donate materials to the third unit of the Guest House. I will be holding the first meeting with the Board in Monrovia on Wednesday, the 19th for this purpose. Thanks be to God that He continues creating possibilities leading to the successful completion of this project.

Staff housing.
Staff housing at the mission continues to be a challenge. The refabrishing of a former storeroom near the Garfield UMC is nearing completion. Roofing has been completed. A front porch and a bathroom was added. This single bedroom facility is intended to accomodate a teacher and his family. Another structure only at foundation level that was meant for piggery will also be converted into accomodation for staff. These are just evidences of necessity.

Jordan’s Wells
The two villages to which wells were donated are enjoying the strange experience of drinking safe water. They are still expressing gratitude to donors and Camphor. More villages are prayerfully hoping to have this experience. Many thanks to Jordan Martin and all donors to the well project.

Latrines for Camphor
There is urgent need for latrines at the Mission and its surrounding. Most of the housing units do not have toilets hat are in use. Now the rain is down, and going into the bushes may contaminate creeks that village folks are still drinking.

Donated Ambulance
The Mission has retrieved and taken possession of the keys of the used Ambulance that was donated by the Buchanan Renewable Energies (BRE). It will be moved to the District Superintendent’s house or on the premises of a United Methodist Institution by this week-end to have secured.

A total of six thousand and sixty-five dollars for scholarships ($2,000.00), rubber trees (675.00) and Mission undesignated (3,390.00) has been received. A thank you note will be send to donors. Listing of deserving students to benefit from these scholarships is being prepared to be sent to donors. We are grateful to all who made these donations. May God continue to reward you and fill your barns.

Camphor Contact Group
I have initiated efforts to organize a “Camphor Contact Group”, a group of local people (Prominent United Methodists & Others) who will spearhead local fund raising activities and promote the mission. A very fruitful meeting was held this week-end with Mrs. Barbara Ogente and Jacqueline Capehart of Reeves Memorial UMC of the St. Paul River District both of whom Bishop Innis have recommended. The first meeting was very encouraging, as these women expressed enthusiastism and willingness to serve as local people who will work towards the promotion of the Mission . A second meeting during which a formal action plan will be drawn up is scheduled for Wednesday, the 19th in Monrovia . As a first contact with the Mission , the women will be participating in the closing ceremonies of the school at the Mission which is scheduled for June 27 or may pay a visit before this time. They will be joining the rest of us in telling the Camphor Story.

Hoping that these updates will meet all you strengthened in God's mighty army as we strive to build His kingdom here on earth, I remain

Yours in Mission,

Paul J. Glaydor, Sr.

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Jenny said...

Dear Paul, Kathy and Danny,
Our church is in the process of collecting money to go toward a well for a village near you. Could you send me information as to how we go about communicating with the right people. We have the kids of all ages taking part in the process of fundraising. Once the money is raised what would be our next step?