Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Classrooms Connect

A fourth grade class in Idaho is connected with the fourth grade class at the JF Yancy School at the Camphor Mission. Teacher Rochelle Killett from Idaho and Abraham Roberts from Liberia have been having their students write letters to one another. Hand delivery by volunteers traveling back and forth is the only way to make this happen. The students are learning about one another. No smart boards, computers, or other advanced technology needed. Just a pen and paper and a willingness to make a new friend all the way around the world.

"They were so excited. To get a response from letters they'd written and sent so far across the world was wonderful. Last year we had sent letters via regular mail and apparently they never arrived which was a huge disappointment. Now we have the letters in a three ring binder in the library to share with all the students in our school," says Rochelle Killett.

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