Sunday, May 9, 2010

Long term UMVIM Volunteer to Camphor!

My name is Sarah Forsyth, and I am coming from the state of Maryland in the USA to live at Camphor for two and a half months starting next week! I will be there from May 14th until July 31st. I found out about Camphor through the UMVIM General Board of Global Ministries Individual Volunteer Program. I felt the desire in my heart to serve the Lord on the continent of Africa for the last several years and when I heard about the Camphor Mission, I knew it was the opportunity God had in mind for me! I am looking forward to getting to know you all and living and working at the mission. I am a registered nurse by profession and I will be working at the Camphor Clinic. My background is in emergency medicine and I have worked in a hospital emergency room for the last four years. I have seen and heard about the great things you are all doing at Camphor from the Mission website and from talking to the Dickriedes and Paul Glaydor. I hope to contribute to life at Camphor Clinic and in other areas of the Mission as well. I love to be outdoors and to help build things. I also enjoy music, especially writing some of my own music, playing the piano and singing with others.

See you soon!


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