Saturday, April 24, 2010

A Sunday morning at Camphor Mission and Garfield UMC

Church is the place to be on Sunday morning at Camphor Mission.

To begin, our 45 minute walk from the village had us arriving totally soaked in our Sunday best but our sweaty bodies were more noticable to us than anyone else! What acceptance of all people just as they are! The "church bell" was a tank hanging from a tree but rang true to start the worship. Families walk hours to get there some carrying their own chairs up the steep steep hill to the church as pews were destroyed in the war. Many just stand or sit on the dirty dusty floor.

Arthur our "adopted parent, guide, and brother" greeted and registered the offerings that were so full of weath as given with cheerful hearts, Service erupted with song, dance, and praise and never let up. Our worship included the good bye to Rev Roosevelt as he took new assignment, the welcome of Rev Kulah, guitar music by Matt and Jamelle, babies sleeping at our feet and a spirit that lifted us off our seats more than once.

How we did not want this time to end. Until next time we keep all in heartfelt prayer.

Written by Sandy VerDuin, Garfield UMC

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