Saturday, April 24, 2010

Reflections from Garfield (East Ohio) at Garfield (Liberia)

Travelers, Sandy VerDuin, Matt Wills, and Jamelle Jones spent a week at the Camphor Mission.

First was the trip to Buchanan to shop for tiles that were being provided by sister church in Pepper Pike, Ohio! Yep, all crammed together in the jeep about 100 degrees- jeep goes caput in the middle of no where - but were we really out of God's reach? No way! Enter dust on the road and here comes the former Defense Minister-plntation owner extraordinaire in his new truck to give us a lift to town! Unbelievable!

Returning to the church---Construction work at Camphor Mission was a wild and holy joyous event of community as the blessings that were recevied to make life a little bit nicer were truly celebrated! Ages 4 through elderly pounded scraped, shoveled, loaded and hauled cement and tiles as we removed old tiles from the church floor to ready for 'the man' to lay new tiles. Even when 'the real mason' showed up his love overflowed as little ones helped him LAY the tiles! Just when I thought this patience and love couldn't be more precious teen boys kicked off CHRISTMAS CAROLLING in high soprano voices in 95 degree heat! Abosolutely the icing on the cake! No one saying no kids allowed, construction in progress don't enter- it was God's house and all of God's children doing His work. What an honor to experience such joy!

Written by Sandy VerDuin, Member at Garfield UMC, East Ohio Conference

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