Saturday, April 24, 2010

Bible Beat, Garfield's ministry with Garfield at Camphor

"Being showered with so many blessings as we spent time building community among our brothers and sisters in faith is my most treasured gift from our service at Camphor Mission." Sandy

Bible Beat
Ten young adult students on the day wer arrive spent the afternoon building a base for our team to lead the week's daily VBS program for 100 students in the HOT afternoon hours. Ice breakers, games, discussions, food, smiles and God's grace and love bonded our hearts together to make an amazing week of ministering to the children ourselves and each other. How blessed we were to be in their presence. No work just working on friendships, acceptance and loving one another.

The next day we came together again and did Leadership Training- yep just like in the states to help empower them to have confidence, compassion and have teaching tools to be group leaders for our three age groups ranging from 4year-20+. They were such good leaders! naturals! How wonderful it was to see them take ownership, how eager they were to be treated as the responsible, fun and energetic adults they are. One 7th grade student leader was older than Matt and has asked for a man's suit so the students will know that he is a teacher to lead them through the Bible!

Bible Beat was the first program at Camphor to have physical rotations so each leader received a watch to be sure to rotate on time. WOW what an esteem booster from a $10 watch! After each day we met and reflected on what went well and what could be betters. It only took one day for them to learn that this wasn't our program but theirs and by the end of the week all were participating with ideas and discussion. WIth new Bibles in hand and notebooks, they quickly seized the opportunity to be heard and lead. What holy moments to have walls fall down and get the spirit ignite such growth!

The week went so well, the kids had such a good time, scripture was taught and learned, and 10 leaders were born. Paul, the director and principal at the Camphor Mission, personally thanked each one and with them and the religious teacher, they are implementing a Bible Beat class every Friday! Now we just need to get them lots more curriculum. Yes, we brought program ideas and supplies but we received such wealth in seeing them take it and make it their own. Working together, seeing and hearing how God works in others to help our journey continue. Thank you Lord.

Reflections by Sandy VerDuin

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