Thursday, February 28, 2008

Our Mvumi Experience

It has been very interesting working here in Mvumi. We are learning
much about how to run a clinical program. Hopefully we will learn
from some of the mistakes others have made. Danny and I have said all
along about this year, that we will hopefully be smarter about how to
start or run or rehab a clinic. We hope that it will be true. It has
already been an exciting two months. As great as life is for us to be
in Mvumi, it is hard for the local people to live here. People are
working hard in the fields, carrying and drinking not so clean water,
and hungry people are relying on the weather for food. People work
hard to live here and they live in basic shelters without running
water or electricity. Local people live in mud houses with either sod
or tin roofs.

Kathy has been working in the office with the payroll. People at the
hospital are living on between $2-$15 a day, paying taxes, a form of
social security, and even saving money through a program that the
hospital provides. Housing is provided by the hospital for their
employees. The patients, the people in the village are making much
less, depending on selling in the market and odd jobs for employment.
There is good news. There has been a reduction in malaria because
more people have mosquito nets.

Kathy is excited to be preparing for preaching this Sunday, March 2nd
at an Anglican church in Mvumi. She is also going to be preaching at
a youth service on the evening of Palm Sunday, March 16th at the Mvumi
Anglican Boarding School here in the village.

Danny meeting with a patient at Mvumi Hospital.
Danny teaching the clinical officers/medical students.
Our house in Mvumi, Tanzania.

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