Sunday, February 24, 2008

Mvumi, Tanzania

We are now a part of a Task Force to help evaluate the many departments at the Mvumi Anglican Hospital. It has already be rehabilitated physically by the German Anglicans. This is a great place for Danny and I to learn how to develop employees and systems of effective operations. Much of our task will be to observe people working as we build relationships and help to encourage and set expectations following Mwimbe, the head of the Task Force and her assistant Marie's lead.

Danny has gone right to work at the hospital; assisting in surgeries, doing rounds with the clinical officers/doctors, teaching at the Medical School, and consulting with doctors about individual patients. Kathy will be working with the Pediatric nurses on a food program for the children who are patients. I am going to work withe nurses to implement a program in conjunction with the World Food Program. I will be making certain that children who are malnurished are being weighed every day and then seeing where they fall in the criteria to see what food they should receive. Their mothers are then taught how to cook the food so that their nutrition can continue to improve. Kathy is also helping in the administration office with payroll, employee files, and other responsibilities.

Mvumi is beautiful country side, mountains, big trees called Baobob Trees, green, sun and clouds. The weather here is pleasant temperatures, breezes, and sunshine! So much nicer than Dar. The recent rains have turned this desert into a green flowering jungle!
We were a part of lively Swahili worship on Sunday! It was colorful, alive, wonderful, inviting, joyful, and perfect! We did not understand everything, but another British missionary translated some for me. There was a very dynamic 12 year old who led music, read scripture, and prayed. She was enzuri sana! very good! Kathy is going to be preaching at the church on March 2nd with the hospital chaplain Meshack translating into Swahili.

We really love living here! We are blessed! We have become very good friends with Mwime, the head of the Task Force and her family and her assistant Marie. We plan on staying until at least Easter. Pictures will be coming in a few weeks when we get back into Dodoma to update.


Kayaking Fool said...

Kathy & Danny - you guys are awesome! Your travels are giving my google skills are real workout. The Mvumi hospital actually has a website (of sorts). at - hope the others readers of your blog get a chance to check it out. There is a section in a kayaker's blog ( ripples of wisdom) that says "I began the trip with a prayer for myself - that if I am honest, open and willing, my life will move forward in peace." I think you're doing pretty good so far. pauley

Stephanie said...

I just wanted to let you guys know that I've been following your progression. We miss you, but all is well in NY and Ohio.