Tuesday, February 12, 2008


We have arrived in Dodoma. Such a different place than Dar! Cooler
days and nights, quieter community, and smaller than the big city! We
were greeted by Mwimbe and her husband Constantine. They have just
moved back to Tanzania from Germany themselves. Mwimbe, who is
Tanzanian and German, is a consultant who has been hired to assess the Mvumi Hospital that is in need of some attention. We are going to be
working with her to meet with doctors, nurses, hospital staff, and
administrators on how to be effective health care providers. It is a
perfect place for Danny and I to learn and experience what it means to
transition and be a part of creating a facility and people into a new
vision. This helps to meet our goals and objectives for this year.
We are very excited.

We are going to spend the day, Tuesday, February 12th loading up
supplies for life in Mvumi which is more rural and without many
resources. We are being hosted today by Naftal, someone who is known
by our friends the Gingriches. Naftal's family and he are friends
with Karl Gingrich who did much work in Tanzania. Through that
relationship Naftal was sponsored to come to the US to go to college
at Bowling Green State University. In the small world of things, some
of his best friends in college were from Nordonia High School, where
Murphy graduated, and we know some of the same people! He is also
good friends with Mwibme and her family and lives right around the
corner from where we are staying at the Humble House in Dodoma. He is
getting us a phone and taking very good care of us! God is preparing
a way for us! It really is a small world.


Tammy said...

It is a small world! That is so amazing! You guys look like you really enjoyed your long weekend. Have fun getting to know your new "home". XOXO

wcross said...

I am so happy that you had some r&r time! What a beautiful place! You are doing amazing work and it makes me want to come over. Love you guys!

Karl said...

Kathy and Danny... Glad you got to meet up with Naftal. Tell him that I said "mambo". Enjoy him, he is a good young man. I hope you enjoy Mvumi. I've been at that hospital quite a few times. They do good work on eyes there. By the way, I forgot to tell you in the e-mail to you that there is a blind school a few km outside Dodoma on the Morogoro Road ran by the Anglican Church. You might be interested in seeing that. Naftal can take you there in my truck, he will know where it is.

bjagf said...

Following your travels and keeping you in prayer.

K. Sloan said...

I'm keeping up with your travels and am glad to hear everything is going well! Much Love!

Kayaking Fool said...

Kathy & Danny you guys are so blessed to be able to touch so many lives. It must be true - laughter has no accent - no matter where you are in the world. Stay healthy (a little hot sauce would have probably stopped that malaria right away). Pauley

Barb Ely said...

Hi Guys

Wow! I love how you are blogging. We think of you often. We miss your smiles at church but glad to see it in your photo. I am sharing your site with some fifth grade students. They are in awe but wonder how the mosquitos get you while you're sleeping. Do you have a picture of using nets? Take care and God Bless You!

The Ely's

michelle said...

It is a small world indeed! All of these pictures are amazing and the work you guys are doing is truly a blessing! Miss you guys! I keep checking back often and keeping you both in my prayers! Love ya both!