Sunday, February 24, 2013

What's happening!

Bishop Hopkins is on his way!  He is arriving at Camphor Mission any moment now!  He is bringing Judy Claycomb, Steve Court and Rick Wolcott with him!  A big welcome ceremony is planned for tomorrow with Bishop Innis and the whole mission station followed by a soccer game.

Dave Scavuzzo and Lauren Ring preached in different churches today.

Kevin Ring is working on fine tuning computers for the upcoming computer lab.

Sharon is sewing curtains.

Bethany, Leah, and Sabrina are making bracelets with the girls in the dorm.

Scott Low is on his way home!

Josh is playing with the little children and is going into the bush to set traps.

Lauren is fixing hand bracelets and is friends with Aaron.  "She is a good woman," says Kelvin.

Steve is working in agriculture and enjoying the Change the World bible study with the Liberian pastors and laity from Garfield UMC.

Ginny is teaching mathematics she is helping for the children to learn.  The children helped her hang up maps in their classrooms.  We call her Cheaplema which means book woman!  Mathematics every day!

Danny is learning more Bassa and leading hikes to the villages.  He took a bag of rice to Cecelia and earlier we had taken her a prayer shawl.  Before we came Cecelia had been burned by boiling water and fire. Danny is dazzling people with the Bassa he already he know!  He dazzles everyone but Kelvin who says he needs to learn more Bassa.

Kathy is helping the little children send letters to people in America.

Everyone is playing with kids on the front porch!

Life is good on the Camphor Mission!

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