Saturday, March 2, 2013

Camphor Sports

There was a big game because of a celebration for Bishop Hopkins and Bishop John G. Innis were here.  We welcomed the incoming missionaries and the students and teachers played.  Then we went to the dining hall to have lunch with the missionaries.  

A journalist is writing now.  Right now the students and teacher are playing a football game and Josh is playing on the field.  The American Bishop is coming to kick the ball on the field.  And you can see Rick and Joseph are doing video recording.  And why did the student miss the ball?!  And a student just missed a goal!  One of the students just scored a goal.  One of the students just missed a goal.  The student kicked the teacher.  The students are happy because they are leading their teachers. We can see “50/50” is playing hard.  There has been a good goal and why the students have one goal.  The first half was finished.  The students were leading the teachers 1-0. 

The second half.  The teachers missed the goal.  The game is very hard for the teachers.  Bishop, a student/teacher, passed a ball that was very important for Coach Toe.  But it does not realize. (Meaning he missed!)  One of the teacher’s scored one goal that was one on one.  Samuel Mardeh scored the goal. 

We can see why Rev. Kulah missed a one on one goal.  We can see why teacher is leading 2-1.  We can see this is defend kick.  The game finished.  The teachers won!

An interview with Samuel Mardeh, a.k.a Bishop.
“I got hurt from a student.  The first free kick Wadda missed it. The teachers have a better team than the students.  I scored the two goals.”

An interview with Rev. Dave Scavuzzo
“It was a great game.  At the start of the game I thought the teachers would beat the students.  Then at half time I thought the students would win because the teachers would be too tired.  But then the teachers won!”

“God’s hand is upon Camphor Mission.”

An interview with Judy Claycomb.
“The welcome service was very great.  I love the African clothes the Camphor Mission staff gave to me.  I love the way the Bassa choir sings.  I love the way Rev. Kulah preached. 

An interview with Bethany Lewis.
“I love the welcome service.”

An interview with Leah Snell.
“I love the welcome service.  I love the African clothes they gave to me.”

An interview with Josh Low a.k.a. Gachuku.
“The welcome service was fine.  Rev. Kulah preached well.  The African clothes are fine.”  Josh said that Kelvin N. D. Swee Jr. is a good journalist. 

An interview with Sharon Snell.
“The service was not very fine because of the heat and we stayed for long.  I love the African clothes they gave.  I am going to carry the good news of Camphor Mission to America.”

An interview with Deb Moore.
“The welcome service this morning was very nice.  The African clothes they gave to your people was very beautiful.”

An interview with Lauren Green
“The welcome service was very beautiful.  And great hospitality! The African clothes was very beautiful.”

An interview with Danny Dickriede.
“The welcome service was very lovely.  The African clothes were very lovely.  Camphor Mission has been very good at having visitors.

An interview with Bishop Hopkins.
My heart was warmed at the welcome service.  This is his first time at Camphor Mission.  It was very beautiful.  The Africa clothes they gave to me were beautiful.  I am going to take the good news of Camphor Mission to Ohio. 

The final interview is with journalist Rick Wolcott.
I am very impressed for the morning service.  I was very happy with the service.  It was very beautiful.   I enjoy Camphor Mission. 

The day was fine!  I interviewed in the church, I interviewed on the field, and I interviewed the missionaries!  Let God bless the missionary and let them love me too and bless me too. 

By Kelvin Swee

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