Wednesday, March 27, 2013


The value of relationships that we have established with East Ohio and the people of Liberia is indescribable.  I want to share this email conversation with my friends at Camphor Mission as I share news about the death of my dad, Mark Urban.

From Kathy to friends in Liberia, 
I want to thank you for your prayers for my father.  When I returned home from Liberia and Sierra Leone on March 10th by father fell due to weakness and ended up in the hospital.  After a diagnosis of an infection, thin blood because of medication, internal bleeding and other health issues, we decided to not treat him medically any longer.  We kept him comfortable and me moved to a hospice care facility on Saturday.  He was surrounded by prayers, love, and his girls, my mom and two sisters.  Mark Urban, my dad died at age 76 on Tuesday of this week.  We will celebrate his life on Saturday.  We are grateful for ultimate healing of heaven and that he is at peace, no longer suffering or in pain.  

You my friends in Liberia have been praying for him for over a year now.  Please share this news with my friends at Camphor Mission.  We have been blessed by their love and commitment to prayer.

From Rev. Roosevelt Goah, District Superintendent 
Hi Kathy,
Easter greetings to all of you. When will be the funeral service of your Dad?  We have decided along with the staff, students and the entire workforce at the mission to have a service in Liberia during the funeral service. Take courage in the Lord. We love you, Kathy.
 Ds Goah

From Kathy
Dear Roosevelt,

What an amazing jester of love, faith and commitment to one another.  I am sorry to tell you that the funeral was this past Saturday, it has already happened.  I know that my family in Liberia loves me and loves my father too and loves God best.  How amazing to know that my father is in heaven healed from all sin and illness, meeting Tommy Paye and others from my life in Liberia.  I will pass these words onto my family as you pray along with us for Mark Urban's life and legacy.  Danny and I are blessed by your love.  I have included a photo of my mom and dad as well as words that my sister and I read about Mark at his funeral.  
Thank you thank you thank you.  
Peace Kathy Dickriede

There is power of life giving and life changing relationships that come out of this mission work that we are a part of in Liberia, Sierra Leone, Russia and Zimbabwe.   Discover how God wants to  connect us to one another as you pray about traveling to one of these places to meet the people and receive life and faith.  

Praise God for the work of the connectional church.    

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