Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Progress on the Camphor Mission Station

Showers, running water!
Flushing toilets, well some of them
Leaky plumbing, the trade off
Plastering teacher quarters, GREAT improvement
2 classrooms with a fresh coat of paint
Generator and internet access

A great welcome ceremony for new guests and old friends!

Upcoming events
Relationship building
Hikes to villages
Teacher training, Thursday, Friday and Monday
Decorating classrooms
Puppet making
Distribution of sanitary kits
and more!

Stay tuned for updates!
Prayers and peace!
Kathy Dickriede

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Carmie Johnson said...

We can't wait to hear more about how the trip Camphor Mission is going! Faith UMC is sending prayers to all of you and to our brothers and sisters in Liberia!

Give Teresa, Sue and Cara our love!