Monday, February 18, 2013

UMVIM Teams in Liberia

UMVIM Team 1 with Cara, Georgette, Teresa, and Sue headed home after a fun and meaningful time in Monrovia.  We visited with missionaries to learn more about education and life in Liberia, worshiped at First UMC and at the Liberia Annual Conference, we canoed to the island with chimpanzees, experienced West Point and the John Kofi Asman UMC School, ate and visited with friends!  What a blessing their presence was in Liberia!  All of our life will never be the same. 

Ginny Logan remained at Camphor Mission to continue teaching math  and begin work on the new Africa map that will go on the wall in the school.

UMVIM Team 2 has arrived!  Dave, Steve, Sharon, Sabrina, Leah, Lauren, Kevin, and Lauren are now with us!  We spent our first day working on basketball hoops, hiking to a village to see a new water well, seeing Buchanan and ordering dresses, touring the mission,, and welcoming boarding students back on the mission!  The school day is beginning again!  We are excited to see what God will do with this group! 

Scott has started a new bible study with the clergy and a few laity on the mission.  He is using the Mike Slaughter Change the World curriculum.  Should be holy conversation about how God is leading Liberia and Camphor Mission to impact the world for God!  Stay tuned for more news and stories! 

Peace Kathy Dickriede


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