Friday, January 11, 2013

News from Deb Moore, Longterm UMVIMer

Dear Brothers and Sisters,
It is so good to be able to share with you the daily life at Camphor, the first week of the new semester, and the new year, is over! The students are back in the dorms, and coming from the villages, and filling up the classrooms. The clinic is busy seeing big bellies and children for vaccinations, and Bishop Innis is coming tomorrow, and will drive in on this lovely new driveway, the amazingly level, rock-free, widened and beautiful driveway! Scott Low and 2 of his children are here, and he's preaching Sun., here at Garfield. Sun. evening, the team of 6 "Pedaling Parsons" comes in and now will come directly out to Camphor, because the roads are so much better. When I was here last year, Danny was busy buying bicycles, with money raisedby the PP's, to help equip the local pastors who have to walk so far to serve their churches. So, next Fri. & Sat., a long ride is planned, from here into Buchanan, out to the beach, and back again, about 30 miles roundtrip. Each day, some of the riders will be the local pastors chosen to receive the bikes, and some of the PP's. Rev. Kulah tells me there was a time when he walked 16 hours! Mary Gargar, the clinic OIC (officer-in-charge) says she walked 8 hours! Tomorrow I will walk to Old Lady market again with Mary Davis, and buy beans and peanuts for the lady with the burns, and we'll go visit her later.  I walked around the campus this evening, while Coach Toe made the younger visitors go jogging. I stopped to sing with the jr. choir, on the front steps of the church. I looked at the painting being done on Rev. Kulah's house, and the plastering in the staff quarters, and it is wonderful to see the improvements to Camphor. Then I came past the girls dorm, and when I got back, and Wala turned on the generator, the dish was working, and we got right on the net! Praise God for all the blessings that mean better care for the students, the staff, and all those served by the clinic.Whatever you have done for the least of these my brethren, you have done for me-Jesus' instructions to us all!
Deb Moore

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