Monday, January 21, 2013

Camphor Update

"The Lazy Man Does Not Eat"
This was the quote of the day today.  It came from Alexander the carpenter who we were working with grouting the tile in one of the bathrooms.  He works very hard every day from morning till evening.  He received his education in Monrovia and now has a business in Buchanon City.  He told us that only 20% of Liberians are employed.  Yes, there is 80% unemployment here, but that is not because Liberians are lazy.  Education and opportunity is very limited. America is the land of opportunity.  Every Liberian man I have met here from the age fifteen years and older has my contact information and given me his because they dream of coming to America some day.
I Must Kick The "Football"
Tomorrow they are having a holiday at the school in our honor.  Classes are canceled and they are having a big event for us to watch.  It will start with jump rope, then track and field, and climax with and a big soccer game with the students against the teachers.  Coach Toe came to the guest house today and today and told me, since I am the team leader, I have to do the kickoff.  I've never played soccer.  It should be interesting.

Dear Brothers and Sisters in the household of faith,Another wonderful day of service, clinic, big bellies, sick children, comforting those in need, feeding the hungry, teaching the children how to ride a bike! Ground peas, peanuts is such a small thing-peanuts-but here it is another mouthful of much needed protein. Tomorrow, Irene will cook lots of beans and rice for all the school and local community. Please pray for an open door to beans and peanuts, to send home more than just a handful of protein to each pregnant lady and nursing mother. 

Thank you! 

And a huge answer to many prayers is the water barrel, which is now filled by the generator automatically!

1 Tim.1:17 Now to the King, eternal, immortal, invisible, the only wise God, be honor and glory for ever and ever, Amen!

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