Sunday, January 13, 2013

More news from Deb Moore

Dear Brothers and Sisters,
We all went to church in our new clothes today, feeling quite grand and warm! Wearing a "lappa" long piece of cloth, just wrapped around, makes it rather difficult to move with long strides! It was a grand day for the church, visitors in African clothing, Scott preaching, Bishop Innis also spoke about the wonderful progress for Camphor, the advantages of schooling,
the newly smoothed road, the satellite dish, all mean blessings for the people here. After church was over, there was a program at the school, for Frido's trade schooling for girls, cooking and sewing. I was a bit late, because I couldn't get the front door key out of the
lock. Because of the humidity, cars and trucks and locks rust faster than usual. It will get fixed tomorrow. 

And this evening, the 6 new visitors (Pedaling Parsons from East Ohio) came, and they're now getting settled in to the guest houses. About the time they were getting their luggage loaded at the airport, JoAnna was telling me about the local pastors' wife due soon, whose
baby is transverse. She's coming tomorrow, and we'll politely ask the baby to change position! I just went next door to guesthouse #1 and Tammy Richardson has unloaded a big box of ultrasound gel-thank you Jesus! And a soft rubber replica of a 12-wk fetus, to help the new mothers understand the importance of good nutrition! 

God is so good! It is just awesome to help spread God's wisdom and knowledge, and see
people's lives change for the better! 

Last year in the local markets, I never saw butter, or peanut butter, just in the expensive grocery stores. That is a simple sign of improving economy! Your prayers have such far reaching consequences, please keep praying for Camphor, for Liberia, for Africa.

By God's grace, 
Deb Moore from Detroit Conference, Long Term UMVIMer

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