Monday, January 7, 2013

News from Camphor Mission

From Rev. Roosevelt Goah, DS of the St. John River District
"Camphor Mission road is now rehabilitated. Our guests will have a smooth ride to the mission. We are grateful to our senior senator for granting our requested."
DS Goah
Because the Pedaling Parsons are traveling to Liberia this long overdue road repair has taken place on the 2 mile road from the main road to Camphor Mission Station.  This is important to the people of Liberia as it provides ACCESS to health care, safer travel, more comfort on a motorcycle after maternity labor in the clinic at Camphor when the need to travel to the government hospital in Buchanan is necessary.  Praise God for working in mysterious ways and using faithful bike riders to bring needed change and transformation.  This has the potential to save lives of mothers and babies.  

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