Friday, February 17, 2012

Team 3 Updates

So much is happening!
All of the girl's dorm is tiled! We will work on the Matron's room next week. Red tile and new curtains! Way to go Laura and Lisa.
Also, the boy's and girl's in the dorm are getting mosquito nets and new mattresses!
Lindsey and the students have almost completed the Map Mural! It looks marvelous! So fine the Liberian's say!
The 3rd unit of the guesthouse has a roof on it!
The generator house is going up thanks to John.
Picnic tables are being made for the boy's dorm thanks to the boys and Bunky.
The Solar Suitcase is hung in the clinic and working along with Linda and Deb.
We have hung up the volleyball net and a pit is being cleared for play.
Kevin is planning library training for next week with our dynamic new librarian Mary.
And we will be at a well dedication on Monday in two of the villages, Bill and Jack are thrilled.

We have visited with friends, Solome and others.

Praise God for answered prayers and the ability to be here and get ministry completed.

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