Tuesday, February 14, 2012

East Ohio UMVIM Team 3

The house is decorated for Valentine's Day!
Everyone received a Valentine from Laura on their pillows!
The day is off to a good and early start!

Team 3 has jumped right into the work of building relationships and structures at the Campohr Mission. Midwives are busy with big bellies at the clinic and vaccinating babies. A group is walking out to Wezion, one of the villages where a well has been dug and culverts will be put in place this week and clean water available. Lindsey, Bill, and Deb visited Cecelia, the Directoress of the mission and did some computer lessons last night. Mr. Gbaa is back on the mission working with John, an American mason, to build the generator house and water tower. The zinc should be going on the roof of the third unit of the guesthouse today, Valentine's Day! Praise God. Lindsey is in town with Danny looking at the completed Map Mural at Bassa High to see what she will be working on at the Camphor School. Kevin is in the library as I type with Mary the new librarian. The teams are being blessed and being a blessing.

Pray for our time at Camphor, the students and teachers, and the people in the surrounding villages. Pray that God would be glorified through all that we do!

Hopes and goals for the week.
Computer lessons with staff
Building of the guesthouse
Continue tiling the girl's dorm
Picnic tables in the boy's dorm porch
Create space for volleyball and hang net
Library training
Mardi Gras celebration and Ash Wednesday service
Super Bowl Football/Soccer Match
6 Wells completed by next week, BIG PRAYERS FOR THAT!
Completion of Map Mural
Art classes with the staff and students

Stay tuned for more updates!
Kathy Dickriede

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