Friday, February 24, 2012

An email from Jean Forbes, Camphor Mission 2010

I have been following the blogs. Great news of so many wonderful things happening at Camphor! It is nice to read the accounts written by VIM team members of their experiences.

Last Sunday David Wilcox (Wooster UMC) challenged our church to spread God’s love to someone this week. My grandchildren were visiting and listening to the sermon. When we got home, I asked the 9 year old boys how they were going to share God’s love. Braden immediately said we could tell the children in Africa that we love them. Ryan said we should send them money. I reminded him that we had done that at Christmas time. They do remember my stories of Africa and the children there. I don’t know how you can communicate this but you should know that we all think of you and your work there and know that you are spreading God’s love each day in your relationships at Camphor. May you be blessed by those relationships.

Jean Forbes
Thoughts shared with UMVIM Team 3 at morning devotions.

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