Saturday, February 11, 2012

Part of Team 3 has arrived

Part of Team 3 arrived for the Liberian Annual Conference. Lisa and Laura are here with dresses already made from Liberian lappa/fabric. We have worshiped with dynamic speakers and music in Gbnanga at the Annual Conference.

Back on the mission, Lisa has taught Zentangle to 6 of our staff and students and our with 2 of our missionary friends.
We have finished painting the exterior of the boy's dorm.
We moved forward with tiling in the girl's dorm.

Deb Moore arrived, the midwife from Michigan. She has already begun working in the clinic with Meliah and Mary our Officer in Charge and our Traditional Birth Attendant.

Jack continues to work on well digging. We have 4 wells completed and 2 in process. It looks like all 10 will get dug in this dry season.

Work on the third unit of the guesthouse is moving again. We have had a delay with transportation and lumber but the carpenters have been on the mission for 2 days now and a roof is forming. Zinc will be in place on Monday or Tuesday. It is exciting to see it coming into shape. Mr. Gbaa will begin work on the generator house and water tower on Monday.

We feel the prayers from our friends around the world. We have had good times with the children and youth on the mission. The kids have been helpful with all of our projects and ministry. They are eager to help us and spend time learning new words and tasks. We have been blessed in many ways by our relationships on the mission. Irene has been taking good care of us, preparing our food, cleaning, and doing laundry.

We are well. Keep praying about how you are going to be involved with future ministries at Camphor Mission. Prayers, donations, time on the mission, and more.

Thank you for staying connected!
Kathy Dickriede

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