Saturday, January 14, 2012


Everyone is busy.
Building the guesthouse.
Digging wells.
Math teacher training.
Map mural painting.
Tutoring students.
Substitute teaching.
Devotions with girls dorm.
Visiting villages.
Building relationships.
Eating great food.
Working in the agriculture field.
Participating in traditional birth attendant training.
And . . .
Site seeing in Buchanan.
Traveling by canoe to Edina.
Shopping in Buchanan.
Visiting Peace Corp Volunteers.

Being blessed by time spent stretching us outside of our comfort zone and being a blessing to others.
God is using the gifts God blessed us with for God's glory and kingdom building!
God is good all of the time. . .
All of the time God is good. . .

Peace from
Kathy Danny Ginny Ted Jack Janet and Lindsey

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