Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Things we see and don’t see at Camphor Mission . . .

We don’t see trash.
We don’t see long grass or overgrown palm trees.
We don’t see Tommy Paye, may he rest in peace.
We don’t see mosquito nets in the dorm.

We do see kids coming to school with backpacks and new uniforms.
We see pineapples in the pineapple grove.
We see brick making already in progress.
We see people digging a new boy’s dorm well.
We see healthy babies getting vaccinated at the clinic.
We see all the things we left behind.
We see water draining down our shower and the soffet job keeping bats our of our rafters.

It is a blessing to be at Camphor Mission and not be in crisis mode. Life is good.

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Sandy said...

How exciting to hear you are back in Camphor. Cannot wait to see all of the changes myself in Oct.....and maybe eat one of those pineapples?

First meeting about trip 10/2012 Sun 1/15. Praying for God's blessing on this trip!!

Can't wait to hear more!!