Monday, January 2, 2012

Happy New Year Thoughts from a past volunteer

As 2012 begins, Kathy and Danny are back at Camphor, getting ready to receive visitors. In the weeks prior to their departure on December 31st, I thought a lot about them going without us, and I was sad. I even cried. There is no way I could be going, but Camphor is part of my life now. I wonder how things and people are at Camphor. I think of Tommy Pay, and I cry for the loss of him, but I smile knowing I will see him again in Heaven. I wondered who was going to meet Kathy and Danny at the airport; if everything was still going to be where it was left. I wonder how Irene is, or Bishop or Rev. Kulah or Success or Alvin Joe. I wonder how Esther and Annie are doing in school. Is Seite still at school? How are the students doing in school? Has the road been fixed or going to get fixed, and how is the house progressing? Were there any rats and spiders? How did the Mission celebrate Christmas?

Having been to Camphor, now the Mission and the people are part of my life. I am so blessed to have been able to go to Camphor. God is so good. Even though I had told God I would never go to Africa, I met Kathy and heard the Camphor Mission story, and the Holy Spirit told me it was time to go even though I was over 60 years of age. God has such an adventure planned for each of us if we just let him have control of our life. I will wait for each of Kathy’s posts to the blog and pray for the safety of her and Danny. I will always wonder about the people there and look forward to seeing them in Heaven when we all get there. Visitors are going this year that I don’t know, but I am sure they will come home with feelings similar to mine. This is God’s world.

So enjoy 2012, and may each of you be blessed with health and happiness. And may God bless Camphor Mission Station and the work that is and has been done there.

Jane Sterken

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