Friday, October 14, 2011

A new longterm UMVIMer to Camphor Mission

Deb is a midwife from the Detroit Annual Conference of the United Methodist Church. Here is how she got connected to Liberia!

When Debra and Jeremiah Johnson asked me to come to Kenya for baby #8, I opened my heart to God and said "if I get to Africa, where else would You like me to work?" Immediately, Nancy Eubanks, trainer for the longterm UMVIM program, invited me to the GBGM Ind. Vol. training in Ark. and while I was there, she told me she knew the perfect place, mentioned Kathy and Camphor Mission Station, and God connected us!

I've worked as a midwife now for over 30 years, taught ICEA (Int. Childbirth Ed. Assoc.) Prepared Childbirth classes, graduated from nursing school in '90, worked in several hospitals a total of 12 years, incorporated the Women's Health Clinic in '83, received federal N/P 501(c)3 status in '85, and over the last 6-8 years, have been exploring candidacy for ministry. That door hasn't opened, but this one did. I look forward to sharing with my sister midwives in Camphor the support and skills that I've been practicing here.

We are so excited that Deb will be at Camphor Mission from February until the end of May! Praise God for answered prayers!

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