Thursday, October 20, 2011

Goals for 2012

Three UMVIM teams are being organized to travel to Camphor Mission Station! We are taking over 20 people from 4 Conference (East Ohio, Detroit, Texas, and New York) and 14 local churches.

We hope to
build new relationships and strengthen old ones,
work with the people in Liberia to paint a mural of the world on the school wall,
work with Traditional Birth Attendants,
complete the construction on the 3rd unit of the guesthouse,
build a water tower and generator house,
participate in girl's health education,
train a Liberian Librarian,
work with the agriculture staff,
tutor students,
train teachers,
dig at least 8 new water wells in villages without a clean water source,
continue staff salary payments,
and more!
We are ambitious but we are empowered by the holy spirit! Who knows what we can accomplish!

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