Friday, October 7, 2011

New from Camphor Mission Station

An official notice from Cecelia M. Cephas, Directoress of the Camphor Mission Station in Liberia

The school was open on schedule as per the mandate of the Ministry of Education and the Department of General Education.
We are very graceful to all of our donors especially the Mentor UMC, Church of Savior, Charles and Judy H. Calkins, Pocatello First UMC, Washington UMC, Wooster UMC, Brecksville UMC, Garfield UMC, Gay Street UMC, Main Street UMC, St. Lukes UMC in Kansas City and Ken Lutgen, Peoria UMC, Oregon/Idaho Conference and all of those donors who have made financial and moral contributions for the kids and families at Camphor. Please extend our sincere gratitude from the Camphor Mission and their brothers and sisters in Liberia and in My own name as Directress of the Mission Station.

As mentioned previously, the school was open as schedule and we presently have 305 students from kindergarten to 9th grade. of the above number of students we have: 31 Boarding students, 11 local church students from the mother District of St. John River, 6 missionary sponsored students, 4 students on sports scholarship yet to be funded, with a total of 52 students living in the dorms. There are 253 village day students, 200 are on the Irene Innis Scholarship sponsored by the Peoria fund and 53 are supported by the Oregon/Idaho funds.

The back packs sent by churches in East Ohio were distributed to all of the students and they were very much happy about the donation because these back packs were a great help to them during the rainy season in Liberia.

Another interesting incident at Camphor is the full payment of salary for the months of August and September on schedule with October and November pending, sincere thanks to the donors for this boast.

The Camphor families are in a joyous mood with respect to this development, all of the mini projects on the campus (repair of boy's hand dug well, basketball court repair, boy's dormitory renovations) are expected to start this October as we are now in the dry season but we are still experiencing a little rain. Photo exhibits of the opening activities at the mission will be sent to you right after our election break. The school was closed on yesterday,October 6,2011 for the pending election and is expected to resume on Thursday, October 13, 2011.

Please be in prayer for a peaceful election season. The national election for president and the legislative branch happens on Tuesday, October 11, 2011. Please be in prayer for Liberia.

Please extend my gratitude on behalf of the Camphor Mission Station and all of the workers to our donors. We are grateful for their help especially those who visited at Camphor during my illness and absence at the mission.

All of the 15 teachers are back at the school as well as the other work force.
Christ above all yours,
Cecelia M. Cephas

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