Tuesday, January 4, 2011

We have arrived in Liberia!

Danny and I left on New Year's day to travel with 3 other missionary volunteers, Brittany Corrigan who is a premed student at Center College in Kentucky will be working with Danny for 4 weeks doing a J Term class, Lynn and Ian Kallay will be here for 2 weeks, helping in the school, moving us into the guest house, and experiencing life in rural Liberia.

For the first time we were able to fly directly from Atlanta to Monrovia! Such a time and energy saver! We have been in Monrovia at the UMC compound for two days. We have enjoyed seeing friends again and just resting. We traveled to West Point to see our friend Sam's church building a three story school building, great progress has been made.

We will travel to Camphor Mission on Tuesday. We are eager to see the people at the mission, stay in the Judy Olin Guest House, and share stories and life. We will be in touch as we can. Please pray for all of us and especially the people at Camphor. The staff has not been paid since September salary so it has been difficult to work, teach, and keep their spirits up during this holiday season.

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Julie said...

Prayers for you, Kathy & Danny! We look forward to hearing the stories of the powerful ways you have seen God at work in Liberia. Love from Peoria, Julie Rolffs