Tuesday, January 18, 2011


We saw Lynn and Ian off at the airport on Sunday to travel back to Ohio and we greeted our new visitor Lindsey from Texas! Together with Lindsey and Brittany, Danny and I traveled by taxi up country to Ganta Mission. After a 5 hour taxi ride we arrived to the Ganta Mission where there is a hospital, school, church, and maintenance ministry. Brittany is seeing patience and hoping to get into the OR and dental surgery department. She is still waiting for a baby to deliver. We did meet twins on the ward who were delivered by C-section yesterday. I am able to check emails and update the blog at the internet cafe that is here on the mission. We will return to Camphor Mission later this week.

The mission is trying. There have been some administration changes since we arrived. Paul Glaydor is no longer on the mission and Rev. Kulah, the pastor at the Garfield UMC on the Camphor Mission is now the acting Superintendent. There is much to explain and many unknowns in this decision. Danny and I are sad that we have not met our friend, Paul, on the mission but we are also aware of the need to let the Liberian Annual Conference do their work of managing employees. Please keep all of the staff in your prayers. They continue to struggle with salary, organizing, and many other challenges.

In spite of all of the challenges, the Camphor Mission keeps trying! Classes have resumed this week as students return to the school and dormitories, the clinic is seeing patience and continuing their vaccination program, two villages have been identified to receive 2 new hand dug water wells and pumps this February, the agriculture program is still attempting to grow food for the dining hall, and more than 5 building projects need to be completed.

We have been recieved at the mission and throughout the Liberia Annual Conference with open arms and great energy! We have found good friends we are excited to see. We keep making friends, deepening relationships, and sharing the journey with one another. We will stay in touch as we can!


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