Sunday, January 9, 2011

Computer tragedy and we are well!

Due to extenuating circumstances beyond its owner's control, one red plastic protected white Mac/Apple computer flew out of the back of the unlatched door of a white Nissan on Tuesday, January 2, 2011 as its journey on the dusty, rattled road from Monrovia to Buchanan. The Apple computer once traveled the world was discovered to have sustained injuries of a cracked screen making use impossible at this time. The computer is awaiting care in the states when it travels home with friends Lynn and Ian. Internet cafes can be found in Liberia with occasional power so staying in contact will be sporadic. I am told that cracked computer screens are a common occurrence in college students and should be fixable.

The blessing is that now I can remain more present here at Camphor not being so concerned about relationships and connections at home. In due time I can share stories about this journey. God is teaching me new lessons all of the time; calm and patience, discernment of culture and problems, wisdom about boundaries and responsibility.

Danny and I are well. The guesthouse is beautiful and feels like home. We just saw Mr. Gbaa and Adelphus, some of the builders, while we are in town in Buchanan today. It has been a great homecoming with people so happy to see us.

Lynn and Ian are working to complete the second unit of the guesthouse with paint and a few side projects. Brittany and Danny are learning and teaching in the clinic. Danny is excited about his role as faculty and Brittany is full of stories at the end of the day.

Kathy is . . . well, enjoying the quiet at times. Doing much listening to a staff that has not been paid for 3 months, a staff in turmoil and in need of prayer. We all are helping to move the final items into the guesthouse.

We are well. Staying focused on the God who led us here, who protects, challenges, and meets us along the way. We feel your prayers and know that in Jesus name you will continue to pray.

Peace from an old computer at a Buchanan internet cafe!

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