Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Onto Kisumu

We just had a great visit withe Martha and Al Fleming in Nairobi! What great hosts they were! Laundry, real washer and dryers! Hot showers, great food and conversation in an amazing setting, and powerful worship in a small congregation. Nairobi was a great stop for us thanks to them. We have traveled onto Kisumu where Danny's friend has a clinic. It was a long bumpy bus ride to Kisumu! On the way here, we witnessed much of the burnt out stores, houses, and churches from the uprising after the election. It was quite sobering to see. We also observed communities of IDP's, internally displaced people who are living under plastic sheeting supplied by the UN. Not enough shelter for this chillier rainy season that Kisumu is now experiencing. Once arriving in the city center of Kisumu it was exciting to see crowds of people selling and buying in the market, out and about with their businesses and operating normally again after so much strife. The news is filled with the struggles of a coalition government trying to pick a cabinet and make this new constitution work. People here just want peace and for their politicians to work this out in a timely manner so that peace is possible. The clinic that Danny's friend, Dr. Bonyo in Akron built with the help of Ohio University is located 6 km off the main road in the middle of the village where Bonyo was raised. The clinic is named in memory of his mom, Mama Pilista Bonyo Memorial Health Center. It is a structure just waiting for furniture and supplies. We hope to be working at the clinic for the next couple of weeks.
The organization we are currently with is called Care-Kenya. Check out the link below and see what it is all about.

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